Displacement (The Longest Three-Week Day)

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Title: Displacement (The Longest Three-Week Day)
Author(s): michelel72
Date(s): 12.1.2009
Length: ~23,800
Genre: het
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Doctor Who crossover
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Displacement (on DW)

Displacement (on the AO3)

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Displacement (The Longest Three-Week Day) is a SGA/DW crossover fanfic by michelel72 that attracted a lot of attention because of its main pairing, Rodney McKay/Donna Noble (an idea the author credits to Xparrot.[1]) It is also a fix-it fic for Donna's farewell in canon (and can be considered such by fans who don't like the canonical McKay/Keller pairing in SGA's last season.)

Donna, working as a temp, meets Rodney at a scientific conference in Oxford, where she helps him save the planet. It triggers her memories and after Jack Harkness puts her in a stasis field, Rodney brings her to Atlantis, where he heals her using the Ascension machine (from the episode Tao of Rodney.) Donna stays in Atlantis and gets a job as Richard Woolsey's assistant. She and Rodney eventually develop a relationship and get married.

Recs and reviews

  • "Oh my goodness. This is now my newest OTP. SERIOUSLY. I love them both so much, and I never would have thought about the two of them together, and this was amazing. Absolutely amazing. :-D *loves*"[2]
  • "You fixed Donna, yay! I was very cross with the Doctor for messing with her head, trust Rodney to put it all to rights. Lovely, fun story. My two favorite shows, crossed! How cool is that? :)"[3]
  • "This is now my favorite pairing in the whole. Wide. World. I want to adolescently doodle it into the edges of my notebooks, Donna + Rodney 4EVR. In all seriousness, I never would've thought of this. You took my two favorite characters in all of sci-fi and made them not just interact but get along, and have just enough in the way of commonalities and differences to make a relationship work between them. It would've been nice if Donna could've kept at least some of her knowledge from when she was part Time-Lord, but at the same time it gives she and Rodney something more to share: they were each once greater than they are now, and they mourn the loss. It's a beautiful parallel I wouldn't have thought to make. So, in short: <3! A great deal. ;)"[4]
  • "The moment I saw the pairing, I knew I had to read this story. The idea of Donna/Rodney is just fabulous. Thankfully, this story completely does it justice. The characterisations are spot-on, the plot is great fun, and the dynamics between the main pairing are perfect."[5]
  • "Set after Journey's End, this fic is PLOTTY and AMAZING. Worlds colliding in the best possible way."[6]


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