The Bisto Kids (Professionals slash zine)

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You may be looking for The Bisto Kids, the Professionals gen zine.

Title: The Bisto Kids
Publisher: Infinity Press/Red Rose Press
Date(s): July 2001
Medium: print
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
External Links: The entire zine is online in PDF format at Infinity Press.
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cover by Suzan Lovett -- 'Nine-Tenths of the Law' -- full sized original art is archived, and was for sale, here

The Bisto Kids is a 150-page slash Professionals anthology.

It has a cover by Suzan Lovett called 'Nine-Tenths of the Law' and three uncredited black and white illos.

The title of the zine references Bisto, a British brand of gravy mix, whose long-time advertising used drawings of the "Bisto Kids", a boy and girl in ragged clothing.


Well, here we are. A year later than I'd planned (where have I heard that before?), but it's done and it's (I think) good. I had no idea, when 1 began my career as a zine editor and publisher, exactly how much work it was going to entail. I also had no idea how satisfying it was going to be, holding the finished zine in my hands; it's obviously an addictive feeling, judging by the fact that this is the fourth zine published by Infinity Press.

Within these pages you'll find a wide variety of stories with one thing in common: a Bodie and Doyle who love one another as much as we love them. I want to thank every one of my authors for their incredible patience above and beyond the call of duty as I tried (more-or-less successfully) to integrate Real Life with my fannish pursuits. I feel particularly lucky to be able to present for your enjoyment such a wonderful collection of stories and art, not the least of which is the Suzan Lovett cover. Obviously, I've collected some good karma from somewhere! Thanks go also to my friends and family, who have been more than supportive of the endeavor, and to Mandragora and Arduinna Finn for their invaluable help. Any errors that have crept in are obviously my responsibility. One final note: While I dislike the trend toward mandatory fanfic warnings, I am including warnings upside down at the end of the zine for those who desire them.



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[zine]: "Shock, horror, The Bisto Boys has been sighted! Apparently one or two lucky people got their hands on copies at Rocky Mountain Media in July, although rumour has it they were contributors. As to whether those who parted with their money in July 2000 now have their copies, I couldn't say. [1]
[zine]: "THE BISTO KIDS was published in July 2001 by Infinity Press. It is a slash anthology zine containing nine stories written by seven different authors. The cover design is by Suzan Lovett and there is a clear plastic cover over this. The zine contains approximately 93,5000 words, is 150 pages in length and is comb bound. The layout is double columns with a nice amount of white space, a very good clear font has been used and there are a couple of pencil drawings. There is a short introduction by the editor, and a warning page at the back.

It is a well produced zine, with a balance of British and American writers. There are a few American spellings/phrases, but in my opinion not enough to bother the reader (unless they are particularly sensitive to this sort of thing). It's a friendly, comfortable zine, with a good balance of stories, a nice pace and a good feel to it.

The stories in order are: [See their individual pages on Fanlore for this fan's comments.] [2]


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