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Zines with Only Robin of Sherwood:

Mixed Media Zines with Robin of Sherwood Content:


  1. ^ was supposed to have published in 1992, as per here, though a 1995 remark at suggests that this zine was never published: "Kingdom of Outlaws never happened." Another clue: it was still seeking submissions in July 1993 as per an ad in GAZ -- "Still seeking submissions about both Robin of Loxley, Robert of Huntington. Need ideas? How about -- what do the outlaws do after the last episode? -- how does Marion learn to trust again? -- how does Friar Tuck feel about Hearne and the Pagans who follow him, in violation of his own faith? Also planning a brief review section on all the other Robin Hoods out there...Sean Connery, Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner, etc, and how they compare to the RoS. Send SASE for guidelines or info on final publication."