Robin of Loxley: The Missing Years

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Title: Robin of Loxley: The Missing Years
Publisher: Dapplewood Press
Author(s): Sharon Wells
Cover Artist(s): Sharon Wells
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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cover by the author

Robin of Loxley: The Missing Years is a het 249-page novel by Sharon Wells. It required an age statement and contains twenty-four chapters. It has a sister zine called Robin of Loxley: The Early Years.

From an ad in The Monthly: "This is an adult zine. Most people had thougth that Robin died that day on the lonely tor, but some knew better. His greatest enemy, Simon de Belleme, wanted revenge, even if that meant he had to save Robin from death to get it. Bespelled by the Baron's evil magic and alone, Robin is sent to be the slave of a rich Arabian prince. He must find his way home and back to his wife and friends against impossible odds."