Sherwood Legacy

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Title: Sherwood Legacy
Publisher: Antlered Press
Editor(s): Kitty Garmarra and Cynthia J. Barwin
Date(s): 1991-1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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Sherwood Legacy is a gen shared universe Robin of Sherwood anthology.

A description: "What if Robin of Loxley didn't die? A series of interrelated stories."

Another description: "A post-"Time of the Wolf" zine based on the idea that Robin of Loxley didn't die. Stories follow how Robin survived and what finally brought him back."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Christine Haire

Sherwood Legacy 1 was published in 1991 [1] and contains 216 pages.

From 1993 ad: "Robin of Lochsley is rescued after the attack on the tor and beings a three year adventure when Marion enters Halstead. How will his return affect the outlaws and what will the sheriff do with two Hooded Men in the forest."

  • Awakening by Julianne Toomey (1)
  • A Long Way Home by Cindy Barwin (4)
  • Brothers in Spirit by Julianne Toomey (74)
  • House of Clan by Todd Parrish (75)
  • Storm Clouds by Cindy Barwin (76)
  • Lady Wolfshead by Jan Fenmick (91)
  • Merry Part by Kitty Laust Gamarra (92)
  • Destiny by Todd Parrish (105)
  • Shepard's Call by Todd Parrish (106)
  • Family and Friends by Cindy Barwin (107)
  • Robin of Loxley by Julianne Toomey (123)
  • All Hallows in Sherwood by Janet P. Reedman (124)
  • A Gift Freely Given by Kitty Laust Gamarra (125)
  • The Holy Eve of May by Janet P. Reedman (135)
  • Full Moon Over Sherwood by Janet P. Reedman (136)
  • Meeting with an Outlaw by Janet P. Reedman (137)
  • The Budding Branch by Cindy Barwin (138)
  • Sword of Power by Kitty Laust Gamara (150)
  • Free by Janet P. Reedman (184)
  • Daily Life in Sherwood by Julianne Toomey (185)
  • Of Sons and Fathers by Cindy Barwin (186)
  • art by Vicki Brinkmeier, Christine Haire (front cover), Barb Johnson, Kitty Laust Gamarra, Todd Parrish

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Kitty Gamarra

Sherwood Legacy 2 was published in 1992 [2] and contains 228 pages.

From a 1993 ad: "The adventures continue as a new steward arrives at Nottingham and a group of Scottish minstrels enters Sherwood. Will Robert's family ties involve the outlaws in a royal battle? What will Guy do now?"

From another 1993 ad: "These stories introduce a new Nottingham steward, and a roving band of Scottish minstrels, which bring both music and romance to Sherwood. Guy pays a visit to Gisburne and the outlaws are drawn into a complex plot against the King of Scotland."

  • Choices by Judy K. Spreng (1)
  • Past, Present and Future by Cindy Barwin (3)
  • King's Fool by Janet P. Reedman (40)
  • Sword Dance by Kitty Gamarra (41)
  • You Can't Go Home Again (no author listed) (65)
  • Counting Coins by Janet P. Reedman (88)
  • Choices by Kitty Gamarra (89)
  • Came a Man to a Forest by Janet P. Reedman (112)
  • The King of Fools by Laura Todd (113)
  • Death Toll by Todd Parrish (126)
  • Merry Met Again by Cindy Barwin (127)
  • The Living of Life by Kitty Gamarra (152)
  • Tribute by Janet P. Reedman (200)
  • Starting Over by Cindy Barwin (202)
  • Nothing is Forgotten by Rory Ondine (215)
  • Night Visit by Kitty Gamarra (217)
  • Reflections by Rory Ondine (225)
  • art by Kitty Gamarra (front cover), Todd Parrish, Laura Todd, Frances Quinn, Ray Villarosa, Grace Meisel, Barb Johnson, Jennie Pellerine

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Sherwood Legacy 3 was published in 1993 and is 165 pages long.

  • Season Of Change by Kitty Gamarra(24 pages)
  • Sherwood Nativity by C. Barwin (15 pages)
  • The Wolf Trap by Kitty Gamarra (21 pages)
  • Nothing's Forgotten by C. Barwin (55 pages)
  • Renewal by Kitty Gamarra (20 pages)
  • The Changing Of The Guard by C. Barwin (18 pages)
  • Darkness Over Sherwood by J. Toomey
  • Herne's Choice by J. Toomey
  • Woodland King by J. Toomey
  • Nasir, Robert of Huntingdon, David, John Little, The Forest God & Blessed Be, all by P. Middleton
  • Samhain by Todd Parrish
  • Shure Would Be Good by King John


  1. ^ A 1993 ad said 160 pages, so it was likely printed later in a different format.
  2. ^ A 1993 ad said 200 pages, so it was likely printed later in a different format.