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You may be looking for the Starsky & Hutch fic The Huntingdon Chronicles.

Title: Huntingdon
Editor(s): Toni L. Wapner
Date(s): May 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
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Huntingdon is a 178 page Robin of Sherwood anthology fanzine published in 1992. It is perfect bound, with a color cover by Sheila Foley.

The focus was on the second Robin Hood actor that appeared on the UK TV show.

The fanzine won a Major Oak Award.


  • I heard the Bells Toll - by Janet P. Reedman
  • The Legend Continues - by Julianne Toomey
  • Father's Kingdom - by Laura Chevening
  • The Rose and the Thorn - by Jean M. Pellerin
  • The Sword - by Jean M. Pellerin
  • The Hand of Fate - by Nancy Hutchins
  • The Mantle - by Kitty Gamarra
  • Earl's Son - by Laura Todd
  • A Long Way to Go - by Jan Fennick
  • "My Lady" - by Anna O'Brien
  • Denial's End - by Janet Reedman
  • Contest - by CarolMel Ambassador
  • Thoughts of Rebellion - by Julianne Toomey
  • A Father's Grief - by Anna O'Brien
  • Robin Hood's Deception - by Linda A. Furey
  • Destiny - by Sheila Foley
  • Revelations and Reflections - by Debra Batus
  • Homecoming - by Cindy Fairbanks
  • A Kindred Spirit - by Julie Phipps and Jacquie Groom
  • Some Day - by Janet Reedman
  • Forgotten Man - by CarolMel Ambassador
  • Contender - by CarolMel Ambassador
  • Some Days Are Worse Than Others - by Jean M. Pellerin
  • Choice of Life, Choice of Lord - filk by Rache
  • Droit de Signeur - by Julianne Toomey
  • Love Found, Love Lost - by Anna O'Brien
  • Robert's Eyes - by Julianne Toomey
  • Restless Heart - by Denysé Bridger
  • Vernal Equinox - by Janet VanMeter
  • Heartsong - by Janet VanMeter
  • Circle of Fire - by Linda A. Furey
  • The Tower - by Janet P. Reedman
  • Answers - by Jean M. Pellerin
  • Bless me, Father - by Hilda Marshall
  • Artists: Dominique, Sheila Foley, Kitty Gamarra, Nancy Hutchins, Jeanne McClure, Anna O'Brien, Todd Parrish, Bob Pellerin, Jean Pellerin, Aaron Todd, Laura Todd