Guardian of the Arrow

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Title: Guardian of the Arrow
Editor(s): Amy Lynn Hull, Tara O'Shea, and Paula Jacqueline Sanders
Date(s): 1992-1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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Guardian of the Arrow is a gen Robin of Sherwood anthology.

Issue 1

flyer from Tree of Life #3, click to read
cover of issue #1, Tara O'Shea

Guardian of the Arrow 1 contains 165 pages and was published in 1992. It has a front cover of Praed by Tara O'Shea, card covers, and is illustrated with b&w line drawings and front cover b&w art.

  • The Cave
  • Letters by Janet P. Reedman
  • The Ultimate Mary Sue or Who are These People in My Living Room? by Tara O'Shea
  • One Arrow by Hilda Marshall
  • God Touched - Janet P Reedman
  • One Arrow - Hilda Marshall
  • First Night - Julie Phipps
  • Imprisonment - JP Reedman
  • Sherwood Dreams - JP Reedman
  • Time Together - Rache
  • Robin and Marion - Todd Parrish
  • Protection - Paula Jacqueline Sanders
  • Sweet Marion - Janet L Jarrell
  • Memories - Tara O'Shea
  • Why? - Anna O'Brien
  • Why Do We Bother? - A O'Brien
  • Bindings - T O'Shea. A story of how the Sheriff played with fire...and got burnt.
  • Letters - JP Reedman
  • Snow Days - PJ Sanders
  • To Close A Door - T O'Shea
  • Dying's Easy - Amy Lynn Hill
  • The Lad From Loxley - T O'Shea
  • Last Goodbye - JP Reedman
  • The Price Of Freedom - PJ Sanders
  • Sweet Prince - A O'Brien
  • My Lonely Castle - Sarah Glasgow
  • For These Things I Weep - AL Hull
  • The Gift - Laura Chevening. A book given to Marion of Leaford awakens painful memories, but also gives her a special dream.
  • The Calling - PJ Sanders
  • The Argument - T O'Shea
  • If That Name Thou Love - AL Hull
  • The Sensible Thing - T O'Shea
  • Lost Soul - A O'Brien
  • Fall From Grace - T Parrish. What happens to Mortimer after being dismissed from Caerleon following the end of "The Inheritance"?
  • The Cave - Cindy Fairbanks. Trapped by an ambush and a snowstorm, Robert and Marion take refuge in a special place.
  • The Two Faces Of Guy - Laura Todd. Gisburne loses himself to fantasy in the forest.
  • When The Fire Dies - JL Jarrell
  • My Soul Still Remembers - AL Hull
  • Knight Of The Wolf - AL Avry
  • The Ultimate Mary Sue - T O'Shea
  • And What If This Had Happened - PJ Sanders

Issue 2

Guardian of the Arrow 2 was published in 1993 and contains 167 pages.