Forbidden Forest

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Title: Forbidden Forest
Publisher: Kitty Laust-Gamarra & Janine Fennick
Editor(s): Antlered Press
Date(s): 1991-1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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Forbidden Forest is a gen and adult het Robin of Sherwood anthology.

Issue #2 has two slash stories involving minor characters.

Fan Comments

From a fan in 1993:
Dear [S], I couldn't agree with you more concerning your comments of the tiny-minded homophobia that appears to run rampant in RoS fandom. It's hard to credit from a show that hands the fans ready-made admittedly GAY characters! It's enough to give one a stroke—and not the rock hard pulsating kind! FORBIDDEN FOREST is 98% straight, but they still will only print stories with gay relationships if the characters were explicitly presented as gay in the series. For a 'zine with the motto "Nothing is Ever Forbidden" they seem to forbid alot of things! [1]

Issue 1

Forbidden Forest 1 was published in 1991 and contains 192 pages.

From a 1993 ad: "Nothing is ever forbidden! Here at last is a zine for those NC-17 stories that no one else will take."

This issue has a dedication to Kip Carpenter, "who told us at Son of Herne's Con: 'If you're going to do a dirty 'zine, don't mess it all the way!'" and includes the epigraph "Nothing's forbidden...nothing is ever forbidden'." [2]

The zine includes fiction by Todd Parrish, Julianne Toomey, Jenni, Laura Todd, Jan Fennick, Kitty Gamarra, Janet Reedman, and the Celtic Ladies Erotica Guild.

It as art by Jenni, Rache, Laura Todd, Kate Raymond, Kitty Gamarra, Barb Johnson, and Todd Parrish.

Issue 2

from editorial: slash, permission and "integrity"

Forbidden Forest 2 was published in 1992 and contains 290 pages.

From a 1993 ad: "Journey through the forest if you dare but beware of [what] might lurk behind the tress and never trust a beguiling outlaw."

It contains two slash stories involving minor characters. The editorial had this disclaimer:
Next, there's story content. The purpose of 'Forbidden Forest' is to provide an outlet for those stories which, by nature of their content, really couldn't be published in other 'zines. This doesn't limit you to stories involving explicit sexual situations. Graphic violence, extreme physical situations or horror elements are also welcome options... This brings us to our last point -- slash ("/") stories. While we have absolutely nothing against homosexuals or gay relationships (as should be evident from two slash stories in this issue), we will not accept any slash stories featuring major RoS characters. Our definition of slash is based on Kip Carpenter's wishes as expressed at Son of Herne's Con and Weekend in Sherwood: Neither Robin, Robert, Marion or any of the Merries can willingly be in a homosexual relationship. Guy of Gisburne is definitely 'straight' but the Sheriff can go either way. Any other characters (within reason) are fair game. This leaves a great many possibilities to write about gay characters without spoiling the integrity of those who aren't.
cover of issue #2
  • Forbidden Forest by Anna O'Brien (2)
  • The Queen's Fool by J. Ruth Dempsey (3) (slash)
  • The Mourning After by Mickie Belcher (36)
  • In the Greenwood Fair by Catherine de Rainault (38)
  • Lonely Flames by Eric Bayrd (59)
  • Ruined for Life by Laura Woodswalker to Todd (60)
  • Seven by Mickie Belcher (67)
  • To Live Again by Megan O'Shea (69)
  • The Blessing by J.M. Pellerin (118)
  • Chalice by Janet P. Reedman (20)
  • Dream Sweet as Lovers Do by Grace M. Meisel (121)
  • Spelling Error or The Disenchantment by Sheila Foley (131)
  • Paradise by Kitty Gammara
  • John and Meg by Mickie Belcher (141)
  • Just a Little is Enough by Nancy Hutchins (142)
  • Passionate Desire by Anna O'Brien (147)
  • Coming Clean? by Sheila Foley (149)
  • Full Circle by Eric Bayrd (171)
  • Night of Darkness by Julianne Toomey (172)
  • Beltaine Dancing by Janet P. Reedman (180)
  • Dear Marion by Laura Woodswalker Todd (181)
  • A Change of Scenery by Jacquie Groom (182)
  • Temporary Shelter by Eric Bayrd (192)
  • The Substitute by Janet P. Reedman (193)
  • Lord and Lady by Todd Parrish (205)
  • Raptors by Rache (206) (slash)
  • Please Don't Slash the Merries by Silly (232)
  • Missing You by Julianne Toomey (235)
  • To Dye For, Too Sum of Darkness by Char Truessdeaux (237)
  • The Earth is a Woman by Janet P. Reedman (254)
  • Mysterious Ways by Jan Fennick (255)
  • Forest Lover 2 by Julianne Toomey (290)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

I just got a copy of Jan and Kitty's zine Forbidden Forest, which sheds a little more light on this side (the sexual side) of Robin!! It's a great zine to curl up in bed with...good job, Jan and Kitty! And it was nice to see some of you in print there. [3]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Grace

Forbidden Forest 3 was published in 1994 and contains 194 pages. Grace is the front cover artist. It includes a tale about Gisburne's horse.

  • Rose and Thorn by Janet P. Reedman (2)
  • Quality of Mercy of Sheila Tanzer (4)
  • The Bargain by J. Ruth Dempsey (6)
  • Remember by Todd Parrish (11)
  • Choice by Todd Parrish (11)
  • Devotions by Frances Selkirk (13)
  • Take Her in Your Arms by J.S. and Rache (59)
  • Seasons I by Julianne Toomey (61)
  • Sounds by Rache (65)
  • Desperate Lovers by Anna O'Brien (91)
  • The Judgement of Makin by J. Ruth Dempsey (92)
  • Dissemblers All by Louise Bath (95)
  • Seasons Change by Janet P. Reedman (113)
  • Seasons Interlude : Autumn/Winter by Julianne Toomey (113)
  • Once and Future Memories by Janet VanMeter (114)
  • The Water Buffalo of Sherwood by Ann O. Nymous (115)
  • Autumnal Reveries by Janet P. Reedman (120)
  • Herne's Chosen by Julianne Toomey (120)
  • Robert or Robin? by Patti Middleton (121)
  • That Life is Over by Laura Todd (122)
  • Gift of Hope by Janet VanMeter (141)
  • No Destruction by Todd Parrish (142)
  • Private Mater by Todd Parrish (143)
  • Alone by Julianne Toomey (148)
  • Not Dead Again by The Abysmal Abess of St. Ciricus (150)
  • Seasons II by Julianne Toomey (173)
  • December Morning by Janet VanMeter (174)
  • Seductress by Janet P. Reedman (174)
  • Servant and Master by Kitty Gamarra (176)
  • The Archetype by Julianne Toomey (192)


  1. comments in Strange Bedfellows APA #3 (November 1993)
  2. Regarding other statements by Kip Carpenter at Herne's Con, a fan wrote: "These characters were created by Kip and should remain within the bounds he created. True, he does not have ownership of the legendary characters, but as they are represented in RoS, yes he does. Generously, he has given his permission for us to play in his universe as long as we remain true to what he created (he told us this at Son of Herne's Con). Therefore, a writer must tread very carefully when attributing to a character abilities that were never manifested in the show." -- from Cousins #3
  3. from Cousins #3