Wolfshead (Robin of Sherwood novel)

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Title: Wolfshead
Editor(s): Jody Lynn Nye
Date(s): 1986
Medium: print
Genre: gen with some implied slash
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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Wolfshead is a 48-page Robin of Sherwood anthology edited by Jody Lynn Nye.

It is the first Robin of Sherwood anthology. Brotherly Love, also published in 1986 was the first RoS novel. It is unknown which zine was published first.

Regarding the Implied Slash

"I expect that I will collect a lot of flak for including Teleny’s story, In’sha’llah. It seems strange to be justifying the freedom of the press, especially the amateur press, but I have published it because I think it is a good story. It is definitely what you’d call an adult situation, but I think it was handled in good taste. In’sha’llah is a speculative fiction, as is anything not broadcast in the series." -- from the editor, Jody Lynn Nye.


  • Whom Allah Hath Touched by Terri Beckett, page 3
  • Not in Nottingham by Jody Lynn Nye, page 10
  • Herne by Terri Beckett, page 15
  • In Living Memory by Carol McPherson, page 16
  • A Choice of Devils by Chris Power, page 19
  • Not Much to Say by Bill Fawcett, page 43
  • In’sha’llah by Teleny, page 44 (implied slash)
  • Limericks by You Know Who You Are, page 47