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Name/s: ununseti
Fandom/s: Touhou, Symphogear, yuri, animanga in general, Naruto, Doctor Who
You can find me at: Tumblr, Twitter
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Hi there, I'm ununseti!

Formatting cheatsheet

  • ref/citation: <ref>like this</ref>[1]
  • bibilography/references: <references/> (put this at the end of the articles to have the ref content show up)
  1. ^ like this
    • Bulleted list: * bulleted list
      • Bulleted list x2: ** bulleted list x2
        • Bulleted list x3: *** bulleted list x3
    1. Numbered list: # numbered list
      1. Numbered list x2: ## numbered list x2
        1. Numbered list x3 ### numbered list x3
    Indent: :indent
    Indent x2: ::indent x2
    Indent x3: :::indent x3
    • italics: ''italics''
    • bold: '''bold'''
    • bold + italics: '''''bold + italics'''''
    • header 1: you probably don't want this because this is used for the title of the article
    • header 2: ==header 2==
    • header 3: ===header 3===
    • wikilink to Fandom: [[Fandom]]
    • wikilink to same Fandom article but with a different display text: [[Fandom|same Fandom article but with a different display text]]

    Style cheatsheet

    I generally try to follow Wikipedia style guidelines, for consistency.

    1. Prefer sentence case in headings and article titles (unless it's a formal name that deserves title case)
    2. Refs go after punctuation,[1] like this.[2] Looks a bit nicer this way.
    3. Order of typical sections at the end of an article:
      1. See also (Fanlore wikilinks)
      2. External links | Archives & fannish links | Fannish resources | Resources | Further reading (links to other sites)
      3. References (citation sources)

    Sourcing images

    Flushing example refs here

    1. ^ and this
    2. ^ and this as well

    Info pages

    Centralized discussion

    Helpful templates