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Name:, Batoto
Owner/Maintainer: Grumpy
Dates: 21 January 2011 - 18 January 2018
Type: scanlation site, forums
Fandom: manga
URL: (current owners of domain are not affiliated with Batoto[1]
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Stub: This article is a stub. Please help us out by adding more content. was the first manga aggregate site built with the intents and needs of scanlation groups in mind.[2] Whereas other manga aggregate sites would exploit scanlators by stealing translated manga chapters from scanlators' personal sites, removing their credits pages, and showing them with ads to profit off traffic, Batoto was created with the express intent of returning 100% of whatever revenue they made to scanlation groups who chose to opt-into payment. It closed in late January 2018 due to Grumpy, the site's founder and owner, losing the will to maintain the site.[3] It was spiritually succeeded by MangaDex.[4]

Alongside an online manga reader, Batoto also hosted its own forums, as well as subforums for scanlation groups who didn't want to set up their own hosting. They also had an IRC channel in the server, a choice made deliberately over the more common IRC servers for scanlation groups, Rizon and IRCHighway, because it supported chat through Adobe Flash.[5]

The site also had a running gag/in-joke about potatoes, as forum members were given member labels based off different types of potatoes and had potato-themed April Fool's Day jokes.[6]


Born from the forums originally opened by Grumpy for his scanlation group, "The Company",[7] opened as a manga reader aggregate site on 21 January 2011 to compete with other aggregator sites like Mangafox, MangaHere, and MangaToshokan,[2] sites which already had a bad reputation in the manga scanlation community due to the amount of revenue they made by reposting fan scans and lack of respect they had for requests to not do that.[8]

The site received several DDoS attacks through the years,[9] and eventually, the site was shut down due to declining human usage and increased bot traffic.[3]


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