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Name: Crunchyroll
Date(s): 15 May 2006 - present
Profit/Nonprofit: Profit
Country based in: USA
Focus: Anime, Manga
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Crunchyroll, Inc. is an American distributor, publisher, production and licensing company focused on streaming anime, manga, and dorama.

Crunchyroll started in 2006 as a for-profit video upload and streaming site that specialized in hosting East Asian video content. Some of the content hosted on Crunchyroll included fansubbed versions of East Asian shows.[1][2]

In 2008, Crunchyroll secured a capital investment of $4.05 million from the venture capital firm Venrock.[3] The investment drew criticism from anime distributors and licensors Bandai Entertainment and Funimation as the site continued to allow users to upload illegal copies of licensed titles.[4][5]



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