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Name: Stack Exchange
Date(s): May 2001
Moderators/List Maintainers: Aithine & Veronica
Founder(s): Aithine & Veronica
Fandom: all media fandoms
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Stack Exchange was a fan forum created in 2001 for fans to exchange their fanworks and fannish collectables.

A 2001 description, this one posted on a Starsky & Hutch mailing list:

We're proud to announce the formation of the Stack Exchange - a forum for people to meet and swap fannish items. The Stack Exchange is available at Our intent is not to be an auction house (no way do we want to be eBay!), we just wish to provide a forum for fans to connect while trying to find fannish items that fall outside the mainstream.

Registered users can swap, sell or just plain give away stuff on the Commodities Market:

1) movies, dvds and tapes of episodes
2) tie-in merchandise (magazines, toys, pictures, posters, soundtracks, etc.)
3) manga, animé, comics and graphic novels
4) zines & songvids
5) and lots more!

Registered users can also access the Options Market: Need help translating a manga? Or perhaps you'd like to offer your language skills to help a struggling author that needs a beta or some foreign language help? Maybe you can't find an author's site or a fandom archive because you lost your bookmarks or the site got TOSsed. Can't remember a story title? Post a note here!

The scope of the Stack Exchange is limited to 100% fictional media fandoms. (So that means no trading of RPS materials, boy bands, WWF and the like.) If you're not sure about something, please contact us with your questions at

Happy hunting! Aithine & Veronica: The Stack Exchange Committee