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Name: Susan Matthews
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars, Blake's 7, Dracula (1978), Star Trek, The Man from UNCLE, and Battlestar Galactica
URL: Susan R. Matthews at SFF.NET
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Susan Matthews wrote for a number of gen zines in the Star Wars and Blake's 7 fandoms. She was the winner of a 1982 FanQ in and a Star aWard in 1995. Matthews was quoted in the article, Where the Boys Are.

In early 1981, she announced in a number of zines that she was pulling her series of ST fanzine stories, called Ragnarok, from publication in order to rework the stories into a science fiction format in an attempt to sell the collection as a professional sf novel. See A Personal Statement from Susan Matthews. She sold the first book in The Jurisdiction universe in the late '90s, but now has a number of books published in the series.

In 1982, she was nominated for a FanQ award and submitted the following bio to The Annual Fan Q Awards Nominations Booklet:
"I've been passively involved in media fandom since 1967, when we came back from [overseas] to Televisionland - and Star Trek, The Man from UNCLE, the Time Tunnel, and Dark Shadows were on. In the winter of 76-77 I picked up Vulcan Reflections at a Waldenbooks...Virginia, and wrote to the address inside; Devra Langsam sold me Spockanalia and Masiform D, and suggested that I write to Lori then still just Chapek). The Miscellania section in Warped Space opened the world I'd read about in The World of Star Trek. I bought zines enthusiastically for about a year. In the spring of 1978 I saw Star Wars, and Shari K. took me to Disclave; I began contributing to Star Wars zines. My first publication credit is actually to R&R VI/VII, however (under an assumed name). I have been contributing regularly to Star Wars zines and general media zines since July of 1978, when Warped Space printed my first Star Wars poem. In addition to Star Wars fanlit, I have written and had published material dealing with The Man from UNCLE, Dracula, and Battlestar Galactica, and am presently also involved in producing material in the Blake's 7 universe."

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