Bolero (Blake's 7 story)

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Title: Bolero
Author(s): Alicia Maria Susanna Fox (Susan Matthews)
Date(s): 1988
Fandom(s): Blake's 7
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Bolero is a Blake's 7 A/C, B/J, D/T story by Alicia Maria Susanna Fox (Susan Matthews).

It was published in Straight Blake's #1.

Reactions and Reviews

We're in a universe where everyone is there... except Gan :( Lots of this is actually really sweet - since the plot is that (through stalking) Avon and Cally, and Blake and Jenna, teach Tarrant how to be nice to a lady. It goes on for far too long, and (interestingly? bizarrely?) having both Avon and Blake happy with the other being in a relationship with someone else, rubs me up the wrong way much more than just one of them. Dayna is also far far too blank - see 'Hearts of Glass' for a Dayna-is-a-virgin fic that doesn't mischaracterise her horribly. What's the most interesting to me about this fic is that it seems to be a response, in a way, to all fanfic everywhere - where our participants can't wait to tear each others clothes off even after being in a steady relationship for years. Here Tarrant and the reader are informed that this is not what a real relationship is like. Then again, I argue, why should fanfic be like real life? It's already about guys who fly around in spaceships. I want more of the epic and unbearable romance! [1]


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