In Durance Vile: A Reprehensible Tale

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Title: In Durance Vile: A Reprehensible Tale
Author(s): Susan R. Matthews
Date(s): 1984
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
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In Durance Vile: A Reprehensible Tale is a gen Star Wars story by Susan R. Matthews.

It was published in Time Warp #6/7 Volume 1.

Editor's Summary

"In Durance Vile: A Reprehensible Tale" is another of Susan Matthews' delightful stories about Thera, the pantherix Temple dancer. Graced with superb Martynn illos, this tale (tail?) of the lovely catdancer involves a daring prison rescue, a most unusual form of... torture, and Raker-the-Blade, one of the most delightful created characters since Thera herself. Although the Thera stories can be fit into mainline SWARS, I think Susan thinks of them as belonging to an alternate timeline.