Warriors (Marvel DC fanvid)

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Title: Warriors
Creator: AnneSoshi
Date: Published on 3 Jan 2015
Format: digital
Length: 2:59
Music: Imagine Dragons - Warrior
Genre: gen
Fandom: Marvel & DC
Footage: various movies and tv shows
URL: Youtube link

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Summary: "Here we are don't turn away now.."

First video of 2015, and of course it had to be about something I love.

Anyone who's ever talked to me probably now how obsessed I am with Marvel & DC.. Since I was a kid I always had a soft spot for the superheroes, besides a few princesses, I most wanted to be Batman or Iron Man, because seriously they're hella cool!

Fandoms included


Forgive me for paraphrasing Arrow but"You have not failed this music video" The Variety of superhero movies/TV shows(Including The Constantine movie with Keanu Reeves) was Captivating and the song blended with the visuals so well, okay I'm done ranting now!!!![1]

I love how you added some older clips in there. We always have to remember where we started out. Love the vid, can't stop watching it.[2]

Its great but It would have been alot better without ghost rider and old baredevil and some good batman and superman shots. Aso without the old fantastic four[3]

I just...I...just.. This is one of the most phenomenal videos I've ever seen. I love Marvel and DC and this does the movies justice. Truly.[4]


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