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Pairing: Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanova
Alternative name(s): Romanogers, CapWidow, CapTasha, Stasha, The Win
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: The Avengers Movieverse/Captain America Movieverse (MCU), The Avengers, Ultimate Avengers & Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow,
Canonical?: depending on the universe: yes
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Steve/Natasha is a het pairing of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Natasha Romanova (Black Widow) of the Marvel Universe.



Steve and Natasha first appeared on screen together in The Avengers (2012). They worked together again in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in which both characters go on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. to clear Steve's name and find out who killed Nick Fury. They also appeared together in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. Post Civil War, both characters are on the run again; with Steve Rogers believed to be in Wakanda and Natasha's current location unknown. Both characters will return for Avengers: Infinity War.

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

The two fall in love in the backstory, and have a son, James.


Although this pairing gets more canon attention in the different comic runs, the movieverse pairing is more popular.[1] Based on works on Ao3, this is the second most popular het pairing for Steve and the fourth most popular pairing overall.[2] Similarly, this is the third most popular pairing overall for Natasha.[3] Many pieces of fandom use the movieverse friendship between both of these characters as a basis for the pairing. In addition, Natasha's relationship in the comics to Bucky Barnes, also gives creators common ground upon which to build their relationship. It should be noted that as one of only two women on the Avengers, Natasha is shipped with many of the members of the Avengers to create het pairings and give her a romantic storyline.

Common Storylines&Tropes



  • Moving The Furniture by copperbadge, Steve thinks about sex a lot, and he'd like to have some, if he could just stop being an idiot around the people he'd like to have it with.
  • The Glass Parade by enigma731, Steve thinks that he’s seen Natasha be at least three different people in the short time he’s known her, and he isn’t sure which one is real.
  • Late at Night by CardiffDoll, Steve can't sleep. Natasha breaks some personal rules to help. Not what you'd think!
  • The Domestic Life of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers by thegraytigress, Being an Avenger is pretty incredible. Being in love through it all? Even more so. These are snapshots of Steve and Natasha as they build a life and a family together and fall more and more for each other every day. Domestic Avengers
  • we carry ourselves forward, get by with what we can by andibeth82, “Look, no offense, Rogers. But I don’t give up those parts of my life so easily…not even to someone who saves it.” There’s a genuine tone of regret in her voice, and he doesn’t miss the way it sneaks in underneath the retort. Missing scene - post bunker explosion in CA:TWS
  • Just a Blast From the Past by InNeedOfInspiration, Natasha watches Steve die and decides to use a time travel device from Asgard to go back in 1942 and prevent Bucky from turning into the Winter Soldier. Forbidden to meddle with the past because it could affect the future, she changes her appearance and introduces herself under a false identity. But as they grow close, Natasha finds it harder and harder to resist the charm of Steve from 1942.
  • A Bolt From the Blue by InNeedOfInspiration, Sequel to Just a Blast From the Past. Natasha has succeeded in her mission to travel back in the forties and change the timeline in order to save Steve. But as he wakes up 70 years later, little did he expect his new teammate to be the spitting image of his great love from 1942.



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