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The categories below are constructed and limited and hardly exclusive, but they are useful for thinking the breadth and depth of SGA vidding. Many good vids fall into more than one of these category and have been placed in categories more or less arbitrarily.

Pimping Vids

Experimental Vids

There are several SGA vidders who create vids that are regarded by some more "traditional" vidders as highly "experimental" in style, mainly because they use tools and techniques not available to vidders in the pre-computer eras of vidding (a distinction lost on the vast majority of current vidders, who saw their first vids on the internet and may never have seen a vid made on a VCR.) These so-called "experimental" vids may feature elaborate special effects or visual conceits, heavy use of external footage or footage that has been highly altered. Many SGA vids use animation techniques to achieve their goals. These vids are sometimes labeled "multimedia fanart" rather than "vids." SGA vids have been routinely featured in Vividcon's "Experimental" vidshows[1], though last year's "experimental" does tend to become this year's "mainstream."

The label "experimental" has been repeatedly and explicitly rejected by some vidders[2], but some vidders from the "traditional vidding community" persist in defining their styles as vids and other styles as experimental or weird in some way. [3]


Comedy Vids

SGA has a particularly rich vein of comedy vids.

Gen Vids

Shipping/Slash Vids

Many of the other kinds of vids are also ship/slash vids.

John/Elizabeth Vids

McKay/Sheppard Vids

John/Teyla vids


Character Vids






AU/Constructed Reality/Vids to Fanfic Stories

Issue Vids



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