Stargate Atlantis The Video Game

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Title: Stargate Atlantis: The video game
Creator: Starrylizard
Date: March 2008
Format: digital vid (12.5mb, wmv)
Length: 1:44min
Music: Nintendo Games Music from the classics: Tetris, Bubble Bobble and Donkey Kong. There's also a few sound effects and the SGA themesong.
Genre: crack/humour
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Footage: S1 to 3 clips used
URL: Kawoosh forum link[Dead link]

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Summary: Someone is trying to play the SGA video game.

Category: Rodney McKay, humour, general silliness

This vid was made in response to a video game challenge at Kawoosh forums.

Other links: Youtube link | Starrylizard's Live Journal