Welcome to the Black Parade

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This is the Stargate Atlantis fanvid. You may be looking for the My Chemical Romance album The Black Parade.

Title: Welcome to the Black Parade
Creator: kitakatzz
Date: 30.11.2006
Format: digital
Length: 05:12
Music: "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Footage: seasons 1-3
URL: Welcome to the Black Parade vid announcement post (download link now defunct)
Wttbp banner by kitakatzz.jpg

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Welcome to the Black Parade is a John Sheppard-centric SGA vid by kitakatzz. It is entirely in black and white.

Author's summary:an anthem of sorts. about Atlantis. from Sheppard's viewpoint.

Recs and Reviews

  • "[...] Everyone who hasn't seen it yet should watch Welcome to the Black Parade by kitakatzz immediately. John! JOHN! Little light, black&white, an atmosphere that's almost impossible to describe and a tingle from my neck down my spine. Starts slowly, becomes steadily more intense... just WOW!"[1]
  • "I loved the editing, the song choice, the pace of the video (it's kind of slow at first but it's one of those songs that builds up and when it starts going, it's awesome.) I loved that this video is about John and Atlantis."[2]
  • "Have to rec a vid I found last night by Kitakatzz. It's b&w, Atlantis from Shep's POV, done to the song Welcome To The Black Parade. It blew me away. Well worth the watch."[3]
  • "I find this to be a quintessential John Sheppard video. It's an amazing action video and one that uses all the gorgeous external shots of Atlantis SO EXTREMELY WELL. The video is so in your face and while I am not a fan of My Chemical Romance at all, it's a very apt song for John and Atlantis."[4]
  • "This was odd to watch, just because you . . . it was like you pulled more out of the scenes than should've been allowed. Like, when you see Mona Lisa drawn in Crayola or something. You've made something insanely amazing out of what is, granted, amazing footage. But watching the show; the countdown didn't give me goosebumps and I didn't ALMOST CRAP MY PANTS at that wraith screaming. ALSO, you used crazily simple techniques to highlight and bring to LIFE awesome scenes. SO. LIKE. You weren't just dumping filters and . . .. like, you were responsible with it. This wasn't KITAKATZZ'S vid, it was SHEPPARD'S vid. So. Yeah. A+, would watch again."[5]


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