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This is an overview of all the themed shows and panels held at Vividcon since its inception. For specifics on individual years, see VVC by Year.

Standard programming

Some Vividcon programming stays the same from year to year, with certain staples providing a framework for the con.

The con starts off every year with a "history of vidding" combined vidshow and panel, where early vids (or parts of vids) are shown and the moderator talks about them to place them in the context of vidding's history. The name and focus of this change as different moderators take over to showcase different parts of the history.

  • Retrospective (2002)
  • Retrospective (2003)
  • Wayback Machine (2004)
  • Wayback Machine (2005)
  • Wayback Machine (2006)
  • Geneaology of Vidding (2007)
  • History of Vids 1980-84 (2008)
  • History of Vids 1985-90 (2009)

In addition, there are several standard vidshows and panels held annually, with more being added now and then.


  • Premieres, for vids that haven't been shown anywhere (since 2002)
  • Nearly New, for vids that have premiered online or at other cons within the past year (since 2003)
  • Challenge, a double-blind anonymous show based around a single theme (since 2003)
  • Club Vivid, a four-hour dance party (originally three hours) (since 2003)
  • Auction, to show the vids created to raise funds for the con (since 2004)
  • Also Premiering, for premiering vids by non-attending vidders (since 2008)


  • Vid Review, for the entire con to gather on Sunday morning and discuss the vids that premiered the night before (since 2003)
  • In Depth Vid Review, for a more focused, detailed look at two to three of the vids that premiered on Saturday night (since 2005)

Themed programming

The themed programming changes from year to year, based on suggestions from the membership. While most panels and vidshows stand alone, others are paired together -- e.g., there may be a Comedy show paired with a Comedy panel, to discuss how and why those particular vids worked or didn't work. Some themes/topics are popular enough to be revisited in different years.

(There are more themed panels than themed shows in some years, because panels are shown opposite many of the "standard" vidshows.)

Note: These are not listed in the order they appeared in the programs; this is fairly random within years, and lists paired shows/panels together (instead of one following the other) for ease of sorting. (Click the buttons to the right of the column titles to sort the table in a different order.)

VVC Programming

Year Vidshows Panels
2002 Experimental Vidwatching 101
2002 Constructed Reality Aesthetics of Vidding
2002 Recruiter Song Choice
2002 Character Study Topics in Craft: Movement
2002 Comedy Effective Comedy Vids
2002 Whitman's Sampler Intro to Vidding/After Effects
2002 Multimedia Reverse Q&A
2002 Viewer's Choice Honor Among Thieves
2002 Topics in Craft: POV
2002 Crossing Fannish Lines
2003 Instrumental Vidwatching 101
2003 Rarely Vidded Intro to Vidding
2003 Vidpairs Aesthetics
2003 Character Study Language of Vidding
2003 Comedy (paired) Comedy (paired)
2003 Special Effects (paired) Special Effects (paired)
2003 Narrative Vids (paired) Narrative Vids (paired)
2003 Ensemble Cast Professional Inspiration
2003 Con Vids Song Choice
2003 Advanced Digital Effects
2003 Vidding History
2003 Director's Commentary
2004 Audio Rarities Language of Vidding
2004 No Effects Master Class
2004 Saturday Morning Cartoons Language of Music
2004 Retrospective Song Choice
2004 Unexpected Levels Giving Good Beta
2004 Movie Vids VividSection
2004 World Domination Aesthetics: Movement
2004 Illustrating Relationships (paired) Illustrating Relationships (paired)
2004 Literalism vs. Metaphor (paired) Literalism vs. Metaphor (paired)
2004 Breaking the Rules (paired) Breaking the Rules (paired)
2004 How Did You Do That?
2004 Connecting with the Audience
2005 Action Vids (paired) Action Vids (paired)
2005 Anime (paired) Anime (paired)
2005 Character Study: Women Encore, Encore!/Vidfan 101
2005 Comedy Betaing
2005 Showcase Geneaology of Vidding
2005 Cops and Robbers Craft: Mentoring
2005 High-Definition Theater Craft: Using the Music
2005 Horror Song Choice: Matching Song to Fandom
2005 Instrumentals Eats Vids and Leaves! (Giving Feedback)
2005 Vidding History (paired) Vidding History (paired)
2005 VividSection
2006 Color Explosion (paired) Color Explosion (paired)
2006 Spies Like Us Titles
2006 Symbol & Metaphor Music Fundamentals
2006 God, the Devil & Bob Comedy
2006 Vid as Collage: Using Additional Source (paired) Vid as Collage: Using Additional Source (paired)
2006 Novelty Songs & TV Themes Great Transitions
2006 Digital Axes for Stone-Age TV (paired) Digital Axes for Stone-Age TV (paired)
2006 Lord King Bad Vid Professional Inspiration
2006 War is Hell Audio Editing
2006 Pimp My (Small) Fandom Special Effects
2007 Can't Live with 'Em... Why Vid?
2007 Life, the Universe & Everything Hip-Hop Vidding
2007 Saturday Morning Cartoons Tech Panel of Doom (2 hours)
2007 Newbies Rock (paired) Newbie Vidding (paired)
2007 Daughter of Experimental Vids (loosely paired) How Vids Work: A Theoretical Framework (loosely paired)
2007 Movie Vids (paired) Movie Vids (paired)
2007 Relationships Between Women External Aesthetics
2007 Death & Dying Vid Structure
2007 Best of Media West Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility
2007 Live Action/Anime Vidpairs Vividsection
2008 Joy Collaborative Vidding
2008 Vids That Push the Envelope (paired) What Do We Want from Vids Now? (paired)
2008 Action Vidding/Writing Comparison
2008 Sense of Play Color
2008 Ensemble Vids The Two-Hour Kiss: After Effects (2 hours)
2008 Anime: a Pre-digital history The Tao of Mac
2008 Second Bananas I Suck
2008 Hip-Hop How to Reinvent Yourself
2008 The End of the World Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility
2008 Music Theory and Comp.