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Programming: Panels

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This year's Premieres show was extremely dark. At the beginning of Vid Review the next morning the mods solicited general feedback from the room on the show, and while people agreed that the show was of high quality, there were also several comments about the (primarily emotional, though also visual) darkness of the night's offerings. (Representative comments included, "I like dark, but..." and "needs moar kittens.")

In-Depth Vid Review

This year's In-Depth Vid Review moderators, anoel and laurashapiro, tried a few new things. First of all, instead of choosing the two vids in advance, they created a survey where con members could vote after Premieres on which two vids would be discussed in depth the next day.

(find some links to people talking about how / whether that worked for them)

Secondly, they organized the panel itself in a new way:

Kass wrote:

Moderator goals include: more voices into the conversation. Interesting new modality: not only did we vote last night on the vids to discuss today (instead of the mods choosing them in advance) but this afternoon we'll watch both vids, then break into small groups for a while. Everyone got a slip of paper and some of them have stars on them, which means those people are (surprise!) facilitators for 20 minute conversations and then we'll report back for the group. // Type of conversation they want us to have: talk less about what worked and didn't work for you, and more about what the vid is doing. What's it doing, and especially how is it doing it...[1]

The two vids chosen for in-depth were Whitney's ***Flawless, a Disney princesses vid, and Kass' Instantly, a Welcome to Night Vale vid.

Panel Notes

Con reports

sheafrotherdon wrote:

This was not only my first time at Vividcon, but my first fannish con of any kind. Holy wow, it was awesome. // The con is so wonderfully, professionally, and thoughtfully run. I may not have been to cons before, but I've been to many, many conferences, and not a one can hold a candle to the organization at VVC...
[T]he con was excellent for a complete newbie like me, despite the fact that most of the con goers were serious experts in vid making. I marinated in some fantastic panels about influences (a great, extended conversation about how the original MTV generation internalized the videos of the 1980s), purpose, finding source material, and cutting. For me, they were not only useful in terms of thinking about beginning to vid (the observation that cuts are like punctuation in a vid blew my mind – so smart! And a comparison that, as a writer, I really latched onto) but they increased my vid literacy, so that by the time Premieres rolled around I felt like I could more critically interact with what I was seeing...
One of the highlights of the weekend for me was the conversation – that at the drop of a hat you could talk about any fandom with anyone and have something useful and fun and thoughtful to say... //I can't wait to go back again next year. And I suspect in the interim months I will fumble my way into vidding. And my heart is full, and there's a smile on my face, and that's a beautiful gift given by a host of people who all love fannish things, too. [2]

Other reports

Notable premiering vids

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