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"I don't know how it's possible to be so tired and yet so happy at the same time. ILU Vividcon and vidding people <3" ~ anoel on twitter
cover of the 2013 program guide with a Teen Wolf theme


Programming: Panels

Numerous Vid Review panel notes can be found [here]

General panel reports/notes can be found [here].


Lists of the vids appearing in the vid shows can be found [here]. Also the playlists can be found [ here] under 2013.

A few comments on the vid shows (both formal and informal)

On the Worlds Collide vidshow, kass wrote: "Holy wow, what a vidshow. I love everything."[1]

On the Brand New Classic Hits vidshow, Kass wrote, "omg, jetpack monkey's Starships (Monochromatic Remix) (a remix of bironic's Starships, in black and white, using old source) is one of the highlights of my weekend." [2]

Con reports

Kass wrote:

For days now I have been thinking: I cannot wait for that feeling of sliding into the familiar hotel chairs in the vidshow room, surrounded by the excited buzz of a hundred or so fans, many of whom I know, some of whom I don't know yet but can't wait to know, all of whom are vibrating with excitement because we are together and we get to watch vids all weekend, and the lights go down and the first vidshow starts and OMG it's real we made it back to Brigadoon here we are it's Vividcon again! ...
I know this sounds corny, but I just love this con so much. I love that it exists in the first place -- that people thought, hey, it would be great to have a con for this thing that we love, let's make one, and they did... I love that this con is home to the best damn geek dance party in the history of the universe. // I love that every year I come away from this con with my sense of vidding's history enhanced and my sense of vidding's possibilities and vastness broadened.[3]

Other reports

Notable premiering vids


  • "In a shocking turn, the remix/cross-platform panel at #VividCon made me appreciate @Tumblr as a class in art analysis and inspiration."
  • "This panel is called "Chill the Fuck Out" but the theme seems to be "VIDDING HATES YOU AND WILL NOT LOVE YOU BACK"
  • ""I can't believe you're tweeting WHILE dancing."
  • "Also the streaming site for #vividcon is the best thing ever. Catching up on the show that goes with the panel as I'm getting ready in room"
  • "Tact is just not saying true stuff." - Cordelia Chase, via the Vid Critique panel at #Vividcon."
  • "Pro tip: don't wear eye makeup to the space-themed vidshow because there WILL be happy tears."
  • "I felt a wildness within me stir." -@sisabet sums up the theme of #vividcon #vidreview"
  • "#vividcon has renewed my inspiration! Even clipping seems tolerable."
  • "Tiny Batman's life is hard."


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