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"Um, I saw a lot of people I love and met many people I hadn't before who were awesome and then there were a ton of really good vids...In conclusion, glowsticks." ~ fan eunice


Vividcon 2007 program book, Harry Potter theme

Vividcon 2007 was the sixth Vividcon. A copy of the schedule is archived here.


Playlists can be found here - look under the year 2007.

  • Geneaology of Vidding. VJ and moderator: rache. This opening vidshow-and-panel-in-one traces the development of live-action vidding and highlights major factors that have contributed to shaping the live-acting vidding scene we know today.[1]Panelist notes here.[2]
  • Can't Live with 'Em...[3] VJ: Mary Crawford.
  • Nearly New. Miss your favorite con this year? This is the place to catch up: vids in all genres that have premiered in the past year online or at other cons. Also includes a number of brand new vids that couldn't be included in this year's Premieres show due to lack of time.[4]
  • Life, the Universe & Everything. VJ: AbsoluteDestiny. In life there are many questions that go unanswered, such as "Where do all the socks go?" and "What's a fire and why does it, what's the word...burn? In this vidshow, you will discover the answer to the most elusive, the most important question of all and, unlike the philosophers who have yet failed in this task, you will attain this knowledge through the collective meanings of some truly wonderful music videos.[5]
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons. VJ: Seah. Remember Schoolhouse Rock? Yeah? Well, this is something completely different. A selection of some of the best anime and cartoon vids out there.[6]
  • Newbies Rock[7]
  • Daughter of Experimental Vids. VJ: elynross. The very first year of VividCon, there was the Experimental Vids show! This year, we look at how vidders have been painting outside the lines since 2002, showcasing vids that stand out for unusual style or technique, that take risks and experiment with effects, storytelling techniques, music, etc.[8]
  • Movie Vids. VJ: Destina. Movie vids are much more than a rehash of the linear movie plot. They can showcase the inner struggles of minor characters, issue an indictment of war, or illustrate symbolism and metaphor within a movie's structure. They can make bad movies look good and dramatic movies seem silly. These vids tell the story within the story.[9]
  • Relationships between Women. VJ: Cassandra. Vids focused on all kinds of relationships between women.[10]
  • Death & Dying. VJ: Greensilver. Perspectives on the meaning, nature, and impact of death and the dying process. Kleenex not provided.
  • Best of Media West. VJs: Abby A, Diane T. DeSha, and Lizbetann. It's the best of Media West 2007![11]
  • Live Action/Anime Vidpairs (with extensive VJ notes). VJ: par avion. Let the music take control: exploring the differences and similarities between live action and AMV styles of vidding by pairing vids set to the same song.[12]
  • Club Vivid[13]
  • Auction vids.[14]
  • Challenge Show: The challenge for the VVC 2007 Challenge Show was "Faith."[15]


Why Vid? Moderators: SDWolfpup. Aspect ratios. Clipping. Stray frames. Timing. Not enough hard drive space. Exporting. No feedback. Why do we go through ail of this for a three- to five-minute vid? This panel is an opportunity for vidders to explain the experience and motivations of vidding, for non-vidders to share their unique relationship to it, and for both to discuss the medium itself and its appeal. This will be a conversation more than a traditional panel, so please come prepared to talk (some venting allowed).

Hip-Hop Vidding: How Hip-Hop Can Inspire Vidders. Moderators: Anna Tree. This panel, while providing background on the important artists and movements of hiphop, will focus on how hip-hop presents itself visually, and what vidding fandom can take from that.

Tech Panel of Doom. Moderators: Absolutedestiny. In a somewhat vain attempt to answer every technical question ever, there will be two hours of skydiving into AbsoluteDestiny's tech brain. This panel will be vaguely split into two parts. The first part will attempt to cover the bare essentials of vidding knowledge-namely aspect ratios and interlacing. The second hour will be a quick-fire-not-for-the-faint-of-heart session containing everything else anyone dares ask in advance. The second section may be somewhat Windows-centric but is likely to also contain cross-platform tips and insights into software such as After Effects.

External Aesthetics. Moderators: AbsoluteDestiny and Killa. In simple terms, this panel will highlight and discuss the act of making things look like other things...mostly visual things, often with particular conceptual, cultural, generic, or referential associations. There will be examples of vids that have done it, discussion of what effect the added aesthetic has on the viewer, and ample debate on the forms, intentions, benefits, pitfalls, and difficulties of this visual experimentation. par avion's Panel notes here.[16]

Vid Structure. Moderator: Dualbunny. really good vids. progression, and repetition how important order, This panel is about are in making

Newbie Vidding. Moderator: jarrow. Still got that new vidder smell? So do we! Come join your fellow newbies in a democratic space free of shame and pretention to talk tech, swap tips, share recs, discuss issues, build camaraderie, tackle BNV intimidation, ask that thing you probably should know by now, and commiserate over the fact that no one's ever heard of us either. Experienced folks (2+ years vidding) are welcome to sit in the back and listen but graciously asked not to participate. Unless you're bringing us chocolate, money, and/or alcohol (see mod for details). Loosely paired with the Newbies Rock vidshow.

How Vids Work: A Theoretical Framework. Moderators: renenet. This panel presents a theoretical framework for understanding how vids operate on a conceptual level, with an eye towards understanding how some vids push or redefine that framework. WARNING: hella meta. Loosely paired with the Daughter of Experimental Vids vidshow.

Movie Vids. Moderators: Destina and Melina. Movie vids are much more than a rehash of the linear movie plot. They can showcase the inner struggles of minor characters, issue an indictment of war, or illustrate symbolism and metaphor within a movie's structure. They can make bad movies look good and dramatic movies seem silly. These vids tell the story within the story. Paired with the Movie Vids vidshow.

Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility. Moderator: Cesperanza. A serious conversation aboout the pros and cons—personal, political, fannish, and legal—of the increased visibility of vidding. Please come and share your views.

Vid Review. Moderators: Melina & Sandy. A review of the Premieres show.

In-Depth Vid Review. Moderators: dualnbunny and rache. An opportunity to examine specific vids from the Premieres show in greater detail, from both vidding and viewing perspectives.

Vividsection. Moderator: Killa. Vidder: Killalla. A brave vidder has volunteered to have her vid in progress torn apart by a roomful of hungry, enthusiastic participants. The group discussion aims to help the vidder hone her ideas while we hone our own skills as vid betas. Note: With the vidder's gracious permission, we have made the Vividsection vid available in advance on the con website for attendees who would like to have the opportunity for multiple viewings, which we will likely not have time for during the panel.

Calls from the Public. Moderator: elynross. Our annual con post-mortem! Come give us your thoughts on what you enjoyed and what we could do even better, and help brainstorm suggestions for next year.


The Vividcon 2007 DVD set contained four disks.

Notable Premiering Vids

Panel Notes, Convention Reports and Vid Show Reviews

Convention Reports

Panel Notes

Vid Show Reviews



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