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Programming: Panels

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Building a Better Beta[1]

mods: ghost_lingering & Rhea314
description: Betaing, a skill we can all appreciate! What makes a good beta, what sort of feedback works best for you? Let’s discuss different styles of being a beta and build our betaing skills together. A panel for those interested in being betas and those who appreciate betas to explore the art of feedback, edits, and suggestions.

OT3 Blues

mod: bessyboo
description: We all know the best way to solve a love triangle is with a threesome. However, traditional song structure only provides us with two verses, not three. What are some ways to get around this, and effectively structure an OT3 vid?

Vidding and All That Jazz

mod: seekingferret
description: While there have been some classic vids made to jazz music, in general this music gets a lot less usage by vidders than other genres. Jazz music offers a lot of interesting options for a vidder, because of its wide range of forms and the rhythmic, stylistic, and expressive styles it spans. This panel will overview the different elements and styles of jazz music from Jelly Roll Morton to Duke Ellington to John Coltrane to Vijay Iyer and develop new ways of thinking about the unique advantages and challenges vidding to jazz music poses.


mod: kiki_miserychic
description: A how to guide of sparking creativity to increase vidding output and/or overcome vidder’s block to fuel your vidding motivation.

Xena: Warrior Princess

mods: ohvienna & hollywoodgrrl
description: The Xena fandom seemed to exist in its own internet bubble creating a unique language for their shippers (“ubers”) and their own style of vids and vidding. We would love to explore this huge, classic femslash fandom and the different types of vids that existed and co-existed within this bubble. Also it would be great to hear from actual fans who vidded it at the time vs. new fans who are vidding it now.

Star Wars

mod: Milly
description: Looking the different periods/sources and source types, the distinct aesthetics of each, and how vidders can mesh them most effectively.

Go Long!

mod/VJ: sweetestdrain
description: You’ve probably heard the vidding “rule” that vids should be no longer than three-and-a-half minutes — or four minutes, at the very most! — but by golly, sometimes that’s just not enough time for the vid to do what it needs to do. How can vidders keep their audiences engaged for four-and-a-half, five minutes… or even longer? Song choice, pacing, concept… we’ll watch some long-ass vids and then talk about what makes them successful.

Vidding As Poetry

mod/VJ: lola
description: In this panel and vidshow, we will consider ways in which we might understand vidding as poetry. Arguably, we could say that all vidding is audiovisual poetry. But might we identify some vids as following logics of a poetic mode? Speaking of film documentaries, Bill Nichols identifies a poetic mode that favors “mood, tone, and texture,” and that “moves away from the ‘objective’ reality of a given situation or people, to grasp at an ‘inner truth’ that can only be grasped by poetical manipulation.” We’ll explore the work of vids that favor mood, tone, and texture to convey an “inner truth” or to offer an emotional interpretation of landscape, narrative, character, or themes. As we do so, we’ll consider the breadth of what might be considered the poetic mode of vidding.

Structure of a Vidshow Redux

mods: sweetestdrain & Trelkez
description: Have you ever wanted to put together a themed vidshow, but weren’t sure how? In the past, we’ve discussed the broad strokes of vidshow structure and vidshow types; this time around, we’re actually going to build a vidshow in the room, with audience participation, to demonstrate the nuts and bolts of themed vidshow construction. Then we’ll see how it all comes together. Come for the vidshow techniques, stay to watch mods frantically scramble to construct a vidshow in an hour!


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Recurring Shows

Themed Shows


In-Depth Vid Review

The two vids chosen for in-depth review were The Tale of the Three Brothers by Dar and Obliviate by bradcpu

Review Notes:

Panel Notes

Vid Review mods: elipie and Jarrow

VividCon Challenge VJ: Milly

Building a Better Beta mods: ghost_lingering & Rhea314

OT3 Blues mod: bessyboo

Vidding and All That Jazz mod: seekingferret

vidspiration mod: kiki_miserychic

Xena: Warrior Princess mods: ohvienna & hollywoodgrrl

Star Wars mod: Milly

Go Long! mod/VJ: sweetestdrain

Vidding As Poetry mod/VJ: lola

Structure of a Vidshow Redux mods: sweetestdrain & Trelkez

Con reports

Other reports

Notable premiering vids


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