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It was a totally different Vividcon for me in my second year, just as jarrow warned me it would be. Last year I was sort of wide-eyed the whole time, just absorbing as much as possible and trying to work up the nerve to simply introduce myself to people. This year I felt like I was able to make real connections with some people on a creative level and better understand them. And with that understanding came a LOT more respect for those people."~bradcpu


Vividcon raised its cap in 2009, resulting in a con that did not sell out all its memberships. Of special note was the tribute vid show put together for Abby Albrecht, a vidder and Vividcon attendee who had passed in 2008. After the convention, Laura Shapiro made a post about race, gender, and accessibility reproaching aspects of the convention that many felt helped frame a heated debate about convention policies the following year.[1]



An attendee, anoel, wrote up extensive vid show notes which can be found here. [2]

All in the Family

VJ: rache (playlist) [3]
Family relationships, from 'found families' to family rivalries, this is an exploration of the highs and lows of what it means to be family, by blood or by choice, both for the happy families and the dysfunctional ones. So bring on vids about what Petunia or Dursley thinks about Harry, what it's like to have a Spy Daddy, or how family is really spelled "TEAM", along with the vids about brothers & brothers, brothers & sisters, sisters & sisters, creators & creations. It's family in its diverse forms.
Vividcon 2009 program book, Star Trek theme

Also Premiering (playlist) [4]

VJ: ?
Premiering vids from non-attending members.

Auction (playlist) [5]

VJ: ?
Vids created by donating vidders for the Vividcon auction.

The Bechdel Test (playlist) [6]

VJ: jmtorres
In 1985 in the comic strip Dykes To Watch Out For, Alison Bechdel gave us this test to evaluate gender equality in a movie: 1) it has to have at least two women in it who 2) talk to each other about 3) something other than a man. This vid show is about the spirit of the Bechdel Test, showcasing vids about two or more women interacting and relating with each other, in ways that don't have anything to do with men. Femslash optional.

Challenge: IDIC (playlist).[7] The challenge theme for this year was Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations or IDIC. VJ: ?

Club Vivid (playlist)[8]

VJ: AbsoluteDestiny

Envelope Pushers of the Past (playlist) [9]

VJ: Sandy
The first vids were long clips to accessible (and often sappy) music. Almost immediately, some fans started to push the boundaries: speed them up, add non-fannish clips, edit the music, add text, go meta, you name it. See the vids that astonished con goers in the 80s and 90s.

History of Vidding: 1985-1990 (playlist)[10]

VJ: Kandy
Continuing her series of presentations about the early days of vidding, Kandy has mined her extensive collection and focused on 1985 to 1990. See the vids and hear about innovations that shook up fandom from someone who was there.

Motion Rollercoaster (playlist) [11]

VJ: anoel
Showcasing vids that feature a strong emphasis on motion, from external to internal, from the source to created, and for thematic, musical, emotional and just plain shiny reasons. Get ready for a ride in every direction.

Nearly New(playlist for Part 1,[12] playlist for Part 2)[13]

VJ: Geekturnedvamp
Vids that have appeared online since the last Vividcon, self-selected by the vidder.

Premieres (playlist for Part 1,[14] playlist for Part 2)[15]

VJ: ?
Premiering vids

They Really Are Out to Get You (playlist)[16]

VJ: sweetestdrain
A selection of vids exploring conspiracy, treachery, insanity, pursuit, and the feeling of someone walking over your grave (or trying to put you into one). Grab your tinfoil, change your name, and trust no one. After all, you're not paranoid if they really are... you know how the rest goes.

Tribute to Abby Albrecht (playlist) [17]

VJ: Lizbet

Understanding Meta Vids (I C WHUT I DID THAR) (playlist)[18]

VJs: kiki_miserychic & nightchik
Vids that exist on a meta level, working in more ways than one, often suggesting a basis beyond the individual fandoms of the source and more about a larger concept and/or fandom itself. Vids that go beyond the narrative of their source, commenting on the nature of that narrative, connecting with outside meanings, or placing the story in a larger cultural context.

You Crack Me Up: Humor and Crack Vids (playlist)[19]

VJs: talitha78 & svmadelyn
We're in it for the lulz! This show is all about the funny--our goal is to have you rolling in the aisles from this collection of humourous, outrageous, and cracky vids. (And if we make people outside the room wonder if we're collectively losing it from all the laughter they're hearing, we'll consider it a job well done.)


An attendee, anoel, wrote up extensive panel notes which can be found here.[20].

FX: The Creative Process

Mod: Jescaflowne. Panel notes are here[21]
Would you like to use effects in your next vid but aren't sure where to start? I'll walk through my personal method of editing FX intensive videos through the use of Premiere and AE. View a side by side comparison of the rough cut (pre-effects) and the final product. Besides the physical editing process, I'll also touch on choosing the appropriate effects; from in-your-face-sparkles to subtler uses like color correction and hiding footage glitches.

History of Film 201

Mod: Jo

I C WHUT I DID THAR (Understanding Meta Vids)

Mods: Millylicious and nightchik. Panel notes are here[22] and here[23]
Discussion pertaining to the methods and reasoning of reading the meta level of vids. Discussion of the visual, narrative, and stylistic choices that lead to a meta reading. Meta vids being those that work in more ways than one, often suggesting a basis beyond the individual fandoms of the source andmore about a larger concept and/or fandom itself. Vids that go beyond the narrative of their source, commenting on the nature of that narrative, connecting with outside meanings, or placing the story in a larger cultural context.

Photoshop Your Vid

Mod: Millylicious. Panel notes are here[24]
Be it to make your vid extra-sparkly* or because your editing program's effects bin gives you nightmares, Photoshop is for you. From basic steps to more complicated uses, this panel will teach you how you can use the program for much more than editing pictures.
  • sparkles not included.

Recruiter Vids

Mod: Greensilver
One minute you're just watching a vid; the next, you have a new fandom. This panel will be a group discussion on what constitutes a recruiter vid, what makes recruiter vids effective, and how the role of recruiter vids may have changed over time. In particular, we'll discuss: Does a recruiter vid need to show a broad view of the source's universe, or do narrowly focused character- or pairing-specific vids count? Is any vid in a new or small fandom automatically a recruiter vid? Are major plot twists fair game, or does a vidder have an obligation to avoid significantly spoiling potential new audiences?

Timing is Everything

Mod: here's luck. Panel notes are here[25] and here[26]
This panel approaches timing on both a micro level (making the most of individual sounds in a piece of music) and a maco level (pacing a vid as a whole). Although it will be aimed primarily at vidders, the panel might also be of use to vidwatchers and betas seeking to understand how vidders create particular aesthetic and emotional responses through their choices about timing and pacing. Questions to be discussed could include: What are techniques for landing stuff on the beat? How do we acknowledge the beat yet avoid boring/predictable monotony of cuts? How do we decide whether and why to cut fast or slowly? How do internal and external motion of clips affect our perception of pacing?

Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility

Mod: Cesperanza. Notes are here[27]
Continuing our conversation about the pros and cons--personal, political, fannish, and legal--of the increased visibility of vidding. Please come and share your views and experiences over the past year.

Understanding Audience

Mods: Lucy and here's luck
As more and more venues open up for vidders to reach viewers, the question of who's watching a given vid has grown beyond the notion of con vid and living room vid to layers of different audiences. This panel will examine two vids to demonstrate two different ways of conceptualizing audience. One is the intended audience, a group defined by demographics, knowledge of the show, and existing interpretations of the source. The other is the invoked audience, the set of roles the vid calls on its audience to play, from identification with/attitude toward a character or characters to critical examination of the source or even of their own relationship to the source.

Vid Watching 101

Mod: Sandy
Vids are a part of the great fannish conversation and sometimes they say things that fan fiction can't. One vid says, "Watch this show -- aren't they pretty?" and the next says, "look at this representation and mediation of gender and sexuality." Come and learn, or share, some clues about the ways vidders are trying to communicate with you.

You Crack Me Up: Humor and Crack Vids

Mods: Talitha78 & SVMadelyn
In this panel we will discuss some of the vids in the accompanying vidshow (replaying parts of them for added laughs study) and talk about why we found them funny (or not). Other questions we will ask: is there a difference between a humor vid and a crack vid? What role does song choice play? How important is lyrics matching and how far should you take literalism? Can a humor vid have an unexpected moment of meta? How big a factor is source knowledge in bringing the LOLs? Join us as we get serious about funny business! Panel notes are here.[28]

In Depth Vid Review.

Mods: absolutedestiny and millylicious. Panel notes are here[29] and here[30] and here[31]

2 Hour Vid Review Panel

Mod: jarrow and gwyn_r. Panel notes are here[32] and here[33]

Con Reports, Vid Reviews, and Vid Recs

Notable premiering vids

Resources and Further Reading


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