Intro Vid (Vividcon 2009)

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Title: Intro Vid (Vividcon 2009)
Creator: Lithium Doll
Date: 2009
Length: 60 seconds (give or take)
Music: Star Trek theme music as hummed by fans, animated voices provided by fans
Genre: comedy
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek: Reboot
Title card for the Intro Vid

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The "Intro Vid (2009)" (or Introduction Vid 2009) was the opening vid at Vividcon's 2009 Premieres Vid Show. Intro vids are often overlooked by convention goers as their main purpose has traditionally been to ask the audience to refrain from disruptive behavior and to remind them to turn off their cell phones (or in pre-cell phone days to remind them to turn off their pagers and to refrain from throwing things at the screen).

The Vividcon 2009 Intro Vid, however, opted for a different approach, instead re-telling Star Trek: Reboot using hand drawn animated llama characters in 60 seconds. It was modeled after Angry Alien Productions: 30-Second Bunnies Theatre videos, except instead of using animated rabbits, the vidder animated llamas, the Vividcon mascot. The voice actors were fan vidders or spouses/significant others of fan vidders. Over 12 people participated in the voice acting, some of whom were in the audience at the time the Intro Vid premiered. The combination of hand drawn cartoon llamas, the rapid fire retelling of a popular movie and the participation of community members made the intro vid a hit. The vidder was even able to slip in the traditional "Turn off your cell phone" reminders at the end, with barely anyone noticing, as they were laughing too hard.


  • "Best. Intro. Ever."[1]
  • "The intro vid is so fabulous I'm not sure I can describe it. Star Trek 09 in 60 seconds, re-enacted by llamas! &hearts!"[2]
  • ""Damnit Jim, I'm a doctor not a llama!" totally made the first half of the show for me. Awesome." [3]
  • "This is a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. I admit to having been a little too slow to process the whole thing on first viewing, but that didn't stop me from giggling my head off the whole time. I'm amazed that Lithy was willing to undertake a project this massive -- with dozens of fans providing voice-overs and all that hand-drawn animation, it's hugely impressive, pretty, and hilarious." [4]
"Turn off your cell" reminders as credits scroll by, with fans humming the Star Trek theme song in the background
  • "It's Star Trek. In 60 seconds. As enacted by llamas. And it's completely accurate and totally hilarious."[5]