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Name: lithiumdoll
Alias(es): halcyon_shift, LithiumDoll
Type: vidder, fan writer, convention organizer
Fandoms: Being Human, Burn Notice, Farscape, Inception, The Invisible Man, Leverage, Merlin, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Professionals, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Supernatural, White Collar, X-Men, & many others
URL: website, LiveJournal, DreamWidth
LJ icon using a clip from her vid I Put You There
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Lithiumdoll has been vidding since the medication ran out, in a variety of fandoms. She first submitted her vids to the Bascon vid show in 2003 at Morgan Dawn's urging. Before that she labored in quiet obscurity while living out a pastoral life in the English countryside.

"I am certain I would have eventually found my way to the heart of Internet civilization - it's not like England is a backward country where scones and pasties roam wild and free. I don't know where Morgan Dawn gets her ideas about me but it must involve the Galaxy's largest swapmeet and the friendly bartender at the hotel Overlook", she has never been heard to say.

Lithiumdoll organized the first VidUKon in 2008 and ran the Sweet Charity fandom auctions from 2006-2010.

She is also a fanwriter in multiple fandoms.


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