Friday I'm In Love

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Title: Friday I'm In Love
Creator: Lithiumdoll aka halcyon_shift
Date: 2005
Format: avi, wmv
Length: 16mb, 17mb
Music: "Firday I'm In Love" by The Cure
Fandom: The Professionals
Footage: original source material
*Download Link
*Vidder's YouTube Page

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"Friday I'm In Love" is a The Professionals vid by Lithiumdoll. According to the vidder, it was "Created for Justacat and Aerye for the Vividcon auction, Vividcon 2005".

From Vidder's Notes: " Apparently I'm not going to get away with "the devil made me do it", "it seemed like a good idea at the time" or sudden amnesia, and actually have to write the notes. To prepare, I listened to commentaries on DVDs. Sadly, they were mostly by embittered directors or Keira Knightly so this may not be your father's vidnotes.

My penchant for outrageous effects in eye bleeding colours was stamped on ruthlessly by Justacat and Aerye, so some kind of thank you card or fruit basket for them might be in order. I managed to retain the greyscale/orange outline at the beginning by guile, trickery and possibly because it actually works there. I prefer to think it was guile and trickery.

That was the nod to the 80s. You have to nod to the 80s, or it mugs you on some dark disco dance floor and takes out your kneecaps." (Read more from the vidder here.)