Little by Little

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Title: Little by Little
Creator: Lithium Doll
Date: March, 2004
Format: wmv
Length: 21MB
Music: "Little by Little" by Oasis
Fandom: The Professionals
Footage: original source material
URL: The Circuit Archive

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"Little by Little" is a The Professionals vid by Lithium Doll aka Halcyon Shift on LiveJournal.

Vidder's Notes:

"The clip quality on this is a little dodgy, which is a pity because this is my new favourite video by me. Just occasionally there'll be a song and theme I really want to do in a vid and it happened with this one. The last one was "River". Yeah.

Anyway, themically a touch darker than I originally anticipated, but trying to use the "surgeons" metaphor went new and interesting places.

People who know the song may note it finishes a wee bit early. This wasn't, for once, massive laziness on my part - the tail away just wasn't working. Plus, noise hitches, hates them precious."


It was recommended by Nell Howell at Crack Van on March 26, 2004:

"There are few Pros vids online--all of nine, I believe. Since several of these have appeared recently, though, we can hope it's a sign of a mini-Renaissance of interest in vidding in this fandom, and the quality of the vids we have so far makes this a particularly exciting prospect. It also made choosing only one extremely difficult. But I love the look at the gritty world of CI5 that "Little by Little" gives us. Framed with Cowley's setting the scene, it moves on to examine what the agents do to get the job done and what the job does to them. As the music swells in tempo, the speed and presentation of the images match it, driving home the theme."