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Title: Nara
Creator: Marimba26
Date: 2006
Music: "Nara" by E.S. Posthumus
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
URL: offline

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Nara is a Stargate Atlantis vid by Marimba26.


This vid was reviewed by Flyingtapes at the reel vidding community on June 15, 2006:

Overall Impression: (left blank by reviewer)

Titles: Okay. I think the beginning titles (Sacrifice, Duty, etc.) are largely unnecessary. You want the vid to be able to convey those things without signposting them for your viewers, and I think your vid does exactly that. You don't need them; "Siege" the episode deals with those topics and when you're drawing from that for your vid, your audience is going to reflect on them without needing titles.

However, if you *do* keep the titles, I would probably put them in all caps in a smaller pixel size and in a stronger fond, like MS Sans Serif or something. Something bolder.

Music choice: Oh, this was really interesting. I liked the music. It felt kind of like watching a movie trailer, which is a positive thing--you found the right kind of music to show what you were dealing with in this vid. Very nice.

Narration, Tone and Movement: I don't know if you've seen the vid "Welcome Home" by (deleted LJ user), but this vid reminds me a lot of that one. It's an excellent narrative for the end of season one, and suggests both the intensity and the heartbreaking moments and the final release of knowing the city is safe all at once.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: Good movements throughout; I thought the fadeouts really worked with this. You captured really strong moments in the episodes that created a strong narrative.

Specific vid & music notes: There were a couple specific things:

At 1:50, the scene where Weir and Sheppard are talking is strong, but I think it's distracting that you're reading their lips as you watch the vid rather than paying attention to what the scene does for the music. I think you could suggest that same feeling while cutting it down so that you didn't have the entire interaction--you need the looks, more than the words.

Also, at 4:10--the scenes rather abruptly shift from "The Siege" to things that happened throughout the season. I wasn't sure whether you were trying to suggest that the team was remembering what had happened in the year leading up to the siege, or that you were re-treading that ground for another unknown reason. But it was strange and felt forced; it seems to me that you could probably cut the sound at about 4:09 and leave it with Rodney watching the blast and get that kind of cliffhanger feeling that would perfectly align with the ending of Season One, or maybe end on that long, wide-angle shot of Atlantis that you use in the last minute. Either way, it feels too long, and with the ending scenes, it also felt unnecessary.

Final notes: On the whole, this was a great vid. I think you have most of the work done for publishing, and there were only a couple places I'd suggest for revision. Good job.