Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson

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Pairing: Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson
Alternative name(s): Matt/Foggy, Avocados at Law
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Daredevil and Daredevil (TV series)
Canonical?: Non-canon
Prevalence: High
Archives: Matt Murdock/Franklin "Foggy" Nelson works on AO3
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Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson is a non-canon slash pairing from the Daredevil and Daredevil (TV series) fandoms. It is the most popular slash ship in the Daredevil TV series fandom, as well as one of the most popular ships overall.



TV Series

Matt Murdock and Franklin "Foggy" Nelson met in college and became very good friends. After graduating they started a small law firm together. In episode 10 of season 1, Foggy discovers that Matt is the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. This causes a rift between the two friends, as Foggy doesn't approve of Matt's reckless actions. Later, Foggy grudgingly respects Matt's decision to become Daredevil and is always willing to help his friend.



TV Series

Matt/Foggy is the most popular pairing in the Daredevil (TV series) fandom, and the gen pairing of these two is also very popular.[1]

Common Storylines & Tropes

  • Established Relationship
  • Marriage of Convenience where Matt and Foggy get married for legal/tax reasons, as lawyers do, and this leads to a developing relationship. Accidental marriage and Arranged marriage works also appear in AUs. Marriage fics also appear in canon compliant fics where the two are in an established relationship.
  • Hurt/Comfort can involve helping one another recover from physical injuries, or emotional trauma as a result of the events in the series.
  • Canon Divergence AUs often involve a different first meeting between Matt and Foggy.
  • Some works theorize that these two had a sexual relationship (either ongoing, or a one-night stand) in law school, where they were roommates. There are pre-canon works, as well as canon divergent AUs where the two rekindle their romance.
  • Secret relationship - Foggy may be in a relationship with Matt, but hijinks ensue when others believe he's cheating on Matt with Daredevil. These kind of fics often involve the related trope of Identity Porn.
    • This trope frequently crops up in Matt Meets the Avengers fic, in which Matt is either approached by or recruited to the Avengers as his Daredevil persona, with the team unaware of his true identity as Matt Murdock. This leads Matt to keep his relationship with Foggy a secret as Daredevil, often with hilarious results.
  • Friends to Lovers - as Matt and Foggy are established as best friends in-series, Matt/Foggy fanworks often draw on this trope.


As of October 4, 2020, there are 2293 works tagged Matt/Foggy on AO3.





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