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Name: Marci Stahl
Occupation: lawyer
Relationships: Foggy Nelson (love interest/friend), Matt Murdock (friend), Karen Page (friend)
Fandom: Daredevil (TV series) (MCU)
Other: Portrayed by Amy Ruthberg
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Marci Stahl is a character from the Daredevil TV series, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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Marci first appeared in the fifth episode: "World on Fire".

Marci was a lawyer working for the prestigious firm Landman and Zack, and dated Foggy Nelson while he and Matt Murdock were interns there. When Foggy leaves his firm after learning of Matt's double-life as a vigilante, he spends the night and sleeps with her. Later on, she meets Foggy at Josie's Bar, where Foggy convinces her to look into the evidence he discovered despite having Wilson Fisk as her firm's client. Marci assists Matt and Foggy's case by secretly giving copies of suspicious files from her firm to them. After the arrest of Fisk, Foggy helps her get another job.


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"I think the thing I like most about Marci is she isn’t nice.

When you’re someone who was assigned female at birth there is so much pressure to be ‘nice,’ to smile, to be polite. God forbid a man not think you’re ‘nice’ enough. Women who are aggressive, who are job oriented are ‘bitches’ who need to learn their place.

And yet here Marci is and she’s not nice, she’s not really polite, she’s aggressive, career oriented. She doesn’t care what the men around her think of her. She likes Foggy, but she’ll chew him up and spit him out if she needs to.

She just wants to be a great lawyer."[1]



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