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Harry Potter has enjoyed a robust online fan fiction history with hundreds of thousands of fans of all ages and nationalities writing and publishing fan fiction at fan websites, blogs and forums. Like most fandoms that came into existence after the early 2000s, printed Harry Potter fanzines are rarities. Some of the 'zines' listed below are free e-zines being offered as formatted PDFs for fans to print at home. Others contain online stories that were published as one off custom zine. Print runs were modest with only a handful of copies being distributed, often at cost. Currently, the bulk of Harry Potter printed fan fiction is in the form of doujinshi (see List of Harry Potter Doujinshi).

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Harry Potter Zines

Title Details Author/Editor Published
Angels and Devils slash - Harry/Draco, veela!Draco; novel Beren 2005
Black Bunny slash - Harry/Voldemort; novel Bevin Moss 2011
Bound to an Enemy slash - Harry/Draco, vampirefic; novel FallenAngel664 2003
Chocolate and Asphodel 1 & 2 slash - Snape/Lupin; anthology lore 2007-2009
Collected by Dementor Delta slash - Harry/Snape; anthology Dementor Delta 2004
The Corruption Sequence slash - Harry/Draco; novel Beren 2004
Diacon Alley slash; anthology 2011
Fixing Broken Glass het - Harry/Ginny, Azkaban!Harry; novel YamiPaladinofChaos 2004
Gold Tinted Spectacles slash - Harry/Draco, bonding; novel Beren 2004
Harry Potter and the Judgement of Fools gen, Azkaban!Harry; novel Lilys1000words 2004
Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent het - Harry/Ginny; novel B.L. Purdom 2001
Harry Potter and the Time of Good Intentions het - Harry/Ginny; novel B.L. Purdom 2002
Harry Potter and the Triangle Prophecy het - Harry/Ginny; novel B.L. Purdom 2004
Harry Potter and the Wizards of the East Gundam Wing crossover, gen; novel Ronni Katz
The Hogwarts Express gen; anthology norisis and shiiki 2010
Innocence in Shadow‎ slash - Harry/Draco; novel Chryssalys 2004
Lest the Darkness Take You slash - Harry/Draco; novel RadeliaPotter 2003
The Lost Generation het; novel B.L. Purdom 2003
Mischief In The Making e-zine dedicated to the Marauders various authors and artist 2018
Replay gen; novel B.L. Purdom 2005
Secrets Ride Magnificent 7 crossover, gen; novel The Neon Gang 2014
Snupineer Fun Time Activity Book slash - Snape/Lupin; nonfiction lore 2009
Spinner's End gen; anthology Sharon Wisdom 2006
Tales from The Pensieve 1 & 2 slash - Harry/various; anthology Dementor Delta 2004
La Troisieme Oeil slash; anthology

Multifandom Zines with HP Content

Title Type HP Content Published
Awakenings, issue #7 slash 1 story 2001
BASCon 2003 slash 1 story 2003
Battlefields of Slash, issues #1 & 2 slash 12 stories, incl. a Knight Rider crossover 2002-2004
The Book of Smutty Days, issue #3 slash 1 story, a Doctor Who crossover 2005
The Celestial Toybox, issue #20 gen 1 story 2004
Connotations 2003 con zine slash unknown 2003
Constricted by Plot slash 2 or more stories 2003-2004
Converge 2004 slash & gen unknown 2004
Diamonds and Dynamite, issues #1 & 2 gen 2 stories, incl. a Sherlock Holmes crossover 2012-2013
Fanlore slash 3 stories, incl. a Stargate SG-1 crossover c.2009
The Love of a Woman, issue #2 femslash 1 story 2004
Millennium, issues #2-5 gen 11 stories, art by Leela Starsky 2004-2008
A New POV: Bystander Stories bystander fics 2 stories 2003
Our Favorite Things, issue #24 gen 1 story, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover 2008
Dark Roses - Red Rose III slash unknown 1998
Shipped First Class, issue #2 het 2 stories, 2 art pieces 2010
Slugs and Snails gen & slash 4 stories 2008
Susabella Passengers and Friends March 2009 nonfiction articles about spies in HP, review of HP cover art 2009