Diamonds and Dynamite

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Title: Diamonds and Dynamite
Publisher: Agent With Style
Date(s): #1 (for a short time in spring 2012, than again in May 2013), #2 (May 2013), #3 (May 2014), #4 (May 2015)
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Diamonds and Dynamite is a gen digest-sized multifandom fiction zine.

Issue 1

Diamonds and Dynamite 1 was published in 2012 (for a short time, then again in spring 2013) [1] and contains 192 pages. The front cover is by KAM.

cover of issue #1

The zine itself, as well as some individual content, was nominated for a FanQ.

  • It's Time by Lorraine Anderson – (Doctor Who) -- River Song knows the Doctor has had too many terrible blows in too short a time and he needs a time and place to just… be. And to learn what 'family' means. And to maybe, finally, admit he really does care. Could another Amelia teach him all that? (1)
  • Dead or Alive by Susan Macdonald – (Magnificent 7) -- Trapped in an ambush in the middle of nowhere, Vin and Nate contemplate the 'dead' part of that 'dead or alive' bounty on them. (nominated for 2013 FanQ) (21)
  • A Course for Winds of Fortune by Sheila Paulson – (Lord of the Rings) - Denethor, Steward of Gondor, endures the final days of his life, the loss of Boromir and the fate of Faramir. Can he find reconciliation within himself at the end? (nominated for 2013 FanQ) (24)
  • Apology with Pizza by Susan Macdonald – (The Avengers) - Tony Stark could, and often did, come off as a jerk. Rarely, if ever, did he apologize for it. But this time, he wanted to . And worse yet, he *meant* it. (33)
  • Mardi Gras by Susan Macdonald – (Beauty and the Beast) - A costume ball allows Catherine to not only have an actual date with Vincent among her friends and co-workers, but lets her play Cupid between a new friend and a beau who hasn't see her in fifty years. Love is in the air… (37)
  • Happened Before and Again by Dana Bell – (Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate SG-1/Falling Skies/Battlestar Galactica/Caprica) -- Something - or someone - inhabits the city of Atlantis. Humans come and go in the city's long history; should Atlantis protect its newest inhabitants, or go back to sleep for another thousand years to see what a new millennium might bring? (57)
  • Professor Snape by Susan Macdonald – (Harry Potter) - Grading papers is a great way to get to know one's students, if one *wants* to get to know one's students, that is. (64)
  • Those in Darkness by Susan Macdonald – (Hogan's Heroes/Phineas and Ferb) - Colonel Hogan is asked to help a young prince from a tiny country annexed by the Third Reich before this 'inconvenience' is made to 'go away,' but Hogan isn't sure he wants to get involved. The one asking is a soldier who guards Stalag 13, and wouldn't that be helping the enemy? With pressure from both the 'friendly' German soldiers and his own men, Hogan must decide - and then live with the consequences. (66)
  • Riding the Range by Susan Macdonald – (Magnificent 7) -- Ezra wins at poker, even when he doesn't cheat, and JD tells a joke no one laughs at. Just another day in Four Corners… (95)
  • Innocents by Lorraine Anderson – (Stargate: Atlantis) -- A new experience for Ronan, fireworks at a July Fourth celebration in a San Francisco park, puts Rodney McKay in danger when he gets kidnapped right under Ronan's and John Sheppard's noses! (97)
  • Flynn or Eugene? by Susan Macdonald – (Tangled) -- The king has a difficult decision to make. Does he hang Flynn Rider for being a thief, or does he knight Eugene Fitzherbert for rescuing his daughter? A decision made all the harder, as both men are one and the same person. Heavy is the head that wears a crown… (129)
  • The Quest by Sheila Paulson -- (Lord of the Rings) -- When Pippin visits Faramir's new city in ithilien, bringing with him his son, young Faramir Took forms a friendship with Faramir's son, and the two lads sneak away to the Morgul Vale on a quest for adventure, and encounter great danger there. Like fathers, like sons… (nominated for 2013 FanQ) (132)

Issue 2

Diamonds and Dynamite 2 was published in May 2013. The front cover is by KAM.

cover of issue #2, KAM
  • Froeliche Weihnachten" by Susan Macdonald -- (Hogan's Heroes) -- It's not easy spending Chrismas far from your home and family. It's worse when you're in a POW camp, whether you're a prisoner or a guard. (1)
  • My Name is Matt, Said the Doctor by Lorraine Anderson -- (Doctor Who) -- the Doctor is no stranger to working with his earlier incarnations, but this time, he needs to save number Four to save himself, and do it without contaminating his own timeline! (12)
  • Him Again by Susan Macdonald -- (Person of Interest/The Avengers) -- What happens when the Machine gives Finch a certain number... again? (29)
  • Recalled by Dana Bell -- (Stargate: Atlantis/Change of Plans/Charmed/Kindred) -- Being recalled to Atlantis is not what John Sheppard - now Jason Danville - has in mind. He has the life he wants, a beautiful and talented wife, four great children and a rewarding teaching career. But there is danger in Golden Gate Park and something keeps shadowing the sky. Duty calls, but will it cost him his family? (30)
  • Career Change by Susan Macdonald -- (She Spies) -- When Cassie is wounded in the line of duty, Mr. Cross suggests a change of careers. (71)
  • Helping Pinocchio by Lorraine Anderson -- (Castle/Once Upon a Time) -- The murder is typcal, the witness is not. What is it about the man with the wooden leg that so intrigues Castle? (76)
  • A, B, C, D: Astronauts, Beaches, Castaways and Djinn by Susan Macdonald -- (I Dream of Jeannie (TV series)/Gilligan's Island) -- What would happen if Major Tony Nelson washed ashore on a different island? What would happen if Gilligan found a magic bottle? (88)
  • DI Potter by Susan Macdonald -- (Sherlock Holmes/Harry Potter) -- Sherlock Holmes has his suspicions about Detective Inspector Harry Potter and decides to confront him, much to John Watson's dismay. (116)
  • Revenge's Legacy by Lorraine Anderson -- (Star Trek Reboot) -- A familiar planet, a familiar story - but how would *this* Kirk and crew deal with Parmen and "Plato's Stepchildren"? (118)
  • Condolence Call by Susan Macdonald -- (The Avengers/Men in Black 3) -- After the Battle of Manhattan, it's left to Nick to inform the next of kin. (136)
  • Milk Run by Sheila Paulson -- (Stargate: Atlantis) -- Returning from a peaceful mission, Ronon disappears as he is about to step through the gate. When the team returns to seek him, he isn't there, and no one on the planet admits to seeing him. In the meantime, Ronon tries in vain to dial out from the ruin of the world the team had visited, finding himself stranded. (138)

Issue 3

Diamonds and Dynamite 3 was published in 2014 and contains 176 pages. The front cover is by KAM.

cover of issue #3
  • "Finest Kind" by JJJunky – (Supernatural / M*A*S*H*) -- Knowing Dean is too injured to survive getting to a hospital, Sam accepts a stranger's help to save his brother. Is it more than just good luck that the man is a doctor *and* knows what a hunter is? (1)
  • "Cryptozoologists and Creavers" by Susan Macdonald – (Threshold) -- A cryptozoology convention and a science-fiction convention, held in the same hotel on the same weekend, leave the team scrambing to find Captain Manning and avoid the broadcast of the alien signal, tasks made doubly difficult when half the people they encounter are dressed as aliens and the other half believe the feds are suppressing the *real* details of the last Bigfoot sighting. (13)
  • "Kissing Cousins" by Lorraine Anderson – (Stargate SG-1) -- After visiting a planet where he received a 'kiss of friendship,' Jack suddenly starts experiencing blackouts, losing hours, sometimes whole days at a time. When Janet can find nothing wrong, he takes his team back to the planet, determined to figure out what happened to him. (28)
  • "Captain Simian and the Space Pirates" by Susan Macdonald – (Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys) -- Captain Simian and the crew of the Primate Avenger learn the dangers of picking up stray hitchhikers. Space pirates learn not to underestimate Earth monkeys. (35)
  • "Plans Change" by Dana Bell – (Stargate: Atlantis / Change of Plans / Terra Nova) -- Once again, John Sheppard's orders disrupt his wife Sally's music career. It wouldn't have been so bad, living in Maine; she'd still have opportunities. Unfortunately, Atlantis' supposedly routine flight across the country doesn't happen according to plan, and the city falls into a time rip, the Atlanteans finding themselves 85 million years in Earth's past… (48)
  • "A Knight without a Quest" by Susan Macdonald – (The Quest / The Man from UNCLE) -- The royal quest was over and the new king and queen of Glendora had been chosen. So Cody was out of the running, and running out of things to do. He was bored, bored, bored. So when Sir John from U.N.C.L.E. came calling, looking for an ex-con man who, through very long and complicated bloodlines, had ties to the throne, and thus, diplomatic immunity, Cody had a feeling his next quest was only just beginning… (89)
  • "The Passsing Shadow" by Sheila Paulson – (Grimm) -- Children are vanishing in Portland, and the one who returned is so terrified that he can give no real information about his abductor, and the cell phone of the latest missing child has been crushed by a clawed hand. With the possibility of a Wesen perp, Nick and Hank are racing the clock to find the children before they are beyond hope of being saved. However, even if they are rescued, they may still face a dire fate. Will even Monroe's help be enough to figure this out in time? (94)

Issue 4

Diamonds and Dynamite 4 was published in 2015. The art is by Babs Magera.

cover of issue #4, Babs Magera
  • Village of the Fish by Lorraine Anderson Stargate SG-1 (Stepping through the Stargate, SG-1 never knows what kind of civilization it will find, and try as Jack might, he can't always prevent Daniel from giving the wrong impression...especially when he sings.) (1)
  • Loss and Family by Dana Bell (Ten years after Jake's death, a Shaolin priest and man with green sunglasses show up in Middleton, and Cassie discovers that a supposedly dead detective from California named Peter Caine looks just like her husband. Are they twins? Some cloning experiment gone wrong? Or could they possibly be the same person? Would Jake do that to her?) Good Witch/Kung Fu: TLC (11)
  • Shelter from the Storm by Sheila Paulson (Caught outside during a tornado; a man and his dog take shelter in a house that hadn't been there a minute before the storm, and one that disappears immediately afterwards. Ever skeptical Jonathan MacKensie thinks it's a ridiculous waste of time, but Edgar Benedek knows that this there / not there house means something.) Shadow Chasers (39)
  • It's the Muppet Show with Tom Hiddleston! by Susan Macdonald (Tom Hiddleston, best known for playing Loki in the Avengers movies, sings to Miss Piggy, commiserates with Kermit, and gets out of the way of murderous hens out to get Gonzo. Just a typical day on set.) The Muppet Show (84)
  • One Good Turn by Susan Macdonald (When Paul Forrester and Scott Hayden are saved from relentless FSA agent George Fox by a mysterious man in a limo, they are grateful. But with their constantly-on-the-move lifestyle, they will probably never see him again, much less get the opportunity to return the favor. Never say never.) Starman /The Quest (95)
  • Searchlight by M.D. Bloemker (When Benny goes missing for four months, Jonathan teams up with Rosaria to find him. With all the possible monsters in the world, how did the National Register reporter end up the personal slave of a centuries-old vampire and is there any way an anthropology professor and a new-to-hunting woman can rescue him? Has it been too long? Will Benny be able to forget what horrifc things he was made to see and do, or is his humanity gone forever?) Shadow Chasers (109)
  • Transition by M.D. Bloemker (In this sequel to "Searchlight," Benny is bemused when Jonathan and Rosaria fight over custody of him. As if he would get into trouble the instant their backs were turned. Oh, wait...) Shadow Chasers (190)


  1. "...the zine you were specifically looking for, DIAMONDS AND DYNAMITE 1, because you had two wonderful stories in that issue, was AWOL for most of the con because, as you mentioned, it’s impossible to get copier parts on the weekend. But my printer, who is such a sweetie, actually called in a favor on Sunday when it was apparent he himself couldn’t print the zine, and got it printed at another copy shop. He called me that the zine was ready on Sunday, about half an hour after the last time you checked in with me, and I so wanted the zine to actually be at the con that I drove the hour to town to pick it up and an hour back to the con just to proudly display the zine on our tables. I know you were super busy at the con, but I did wish you could have come back one last time so I could have given you your trib in person. Ah, well, in mailing it to you, you can open it like a present. Thanks for making the first issue so fantastic, along with other great authors Susan Macdonald, Sheila Paulson and Dana Bell. And I look forward to seeing what you send for D&D2!" -- comment by Mysti Frank at Back from Shore Leave 2012; WebCite, by Lorraine J. Anderson (August 2012)