Things Worth Dying For

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Title: Things Worth Dying For
Publisher: Royal Bees Press
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: print, PDF
Size: 6" x 9", 50+ pages
Fandom: Harry Potter
Language: English
External Links:, Previews
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Things Worth Dying For is a gen Harry Potter art zine.


The Theme:

Friendship and family. These are two massively varied themes within the books, and we’d love as much variety as possible. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and often its made of people you find along the way. These books shaped who we are and how we understand our place within the families we’ve created for ourselves. This is for all the kids who found a home in the world of Harry Potter.

Content Guidelines

What We Don’t Want:

  • Sex or nudity.
  • Gore.
  • Cursed Child. It’s fine to have the next generation (the golden trio’s kids and so on), but it shouldn’t be directly influenced from the cursed child.
  • Fantastic Beasts. While the characters in the movies are awesome, once again we’d like to keep things simple.
  • Non-cannonical couples in romantic contexts. We’re very ship friendly folks, we just know it will be easier if they’re left out all together. There is nothing stopping you from presenting platonic ships, however, as long as it’s realistic to the characters.


Abi Watson, Alexis Lambert, Aubrey Nash, Aurelie A., Bev Johnson, CakeChoZ, Choxii-Art, Daisy, Daniela Viçoso, Diana Dworak, Dreym, EaChronicles, Elodie Arbogast, Emily Woods, Endy, Fatima Fati, Glithch, Jared Pechacek, Julia Presbitero, Katha, Katie Knudson, Kaya, Kezia Tubbs , // Lara Pickle, Laura Galli, Lila Selle, Lilith-Luxe, Lisa Villella , // Lunadala, Marta Milczarek, Medlilove, Michelle B, Michelle Gruppetta, Minty, Mollie Rose, N. Queen,  // Natalia Borek 0tterp0p,  //  Puck , // Ramao, Reinardfox, Rosalie Lettau, Rutopa, Sarah Cosico, Sarika M , // Shycheeks, Sie, Simrell, Sobakewitch, Zuzana Čupová, 65thvictor