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Title: Battlefields of Slas.h
Publisher: Battlefields Press
Editor(s): Starkiller
Date(s): 2003-2004
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Battlefields of Slash. is a slash multifandom anthology. It was designed to showcase fanfic that had been archived on the Battlefields of Slash website. The zine required an age statement. In the US, UK, Europe and Canada the authorized distributor was Lionheart Distribution. In Australia, only Battlefield Press was authorized to distribute the zine.

Issue 1

LOTR battlefields 1.jpg

Battlefields of Slash. 1 was published in 2003 and contains 102 pages. The cover is uncredited. Interior art:

  • "Severus Snape at fifteen" by Sorot
  • Hayley and Jade from "Now and Forever" by Julia Banes
  • Galen and Gideon by jai

Star Wars:

  • "Just This Once" by Julia Banes. Pairing: Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon. He felt as though he'd been put through the 'wringer'. His emotions were clouded, his mind was chaotic, he'd closed himself off from Obi-Wan, who hadn't even noticed that Qui-Gon had done so, and to top it all off, he hadn't slept in a few days. He wasn't sure what was worse: the fact that Obi-Wan hadn't noticed that he'd cut his own Apprentice off mentally, or that he was exhausted, which was not good for his patience. (7 pages)
  • "The Midas Touch" by Starkiller and Vayshti. Pairing: Anakin/C3P0. See-Threepio was where he had left him, shut down in the garage area. Anakin activated the single light and scowled as he padded silently towards the somnolent droid. "'I am only doing this because Obi-Wan is jealous of me. He wants what I've got. I'm going to parade you in front of him, my flashy gold pal," thought Anakin, smirking once again. The thought of a jealous Obi-Wan was like an elixir, and added to the surging adrenaline, the teen found himself in a state of heightened arousal. (3 pages)

Harry Potter:

  • "Drive" by Libertine. Pairing: Ginny/Pansy. Ginny understands Pansy's body, too. Or has learnt to over time. She's learnt that they aren't so different, really, in spite of her freckles and Pansy's paleness, her red hair (down there, too) and Pansy's blonde fluff. What makes Pansy cry is exactly the same as what makes Ginny cry: a tongue and lips under the blankets, and a finger, sometimes, curling. (5 pages) (author's website)
  • "Cold Hands" by Ivy Blossom. Pairing: Harry/Draco. Draco held Harry's hands, rubbing them between his own, and then leaned forward, his breath in a hot pulse against his skin. For a moment Harry was surprised at the thought. He wants me to kiss him, he realized. I think that's okay. (4 pages)
  • "Draco's Inferno: Lost Fragments from the Boat of a Million Years" by Starkiller. Pairing: Harry/Draco. He never finished his sentence, for Draco had shifted down the bed and taken Harry's cock in his mouth. His tongue teased the slit, even as his lips slid down the head, slowly inching down the shaft, each moment an exercise in exquisite torture. (4 pages)
  • "I Would Never Leave You, Ever" by Zed Adams. Pairing: Harry/Draco. I remembered the laughter we shared. The hatred, the love, the anger, the passion. We had never told each other, but we each know deep down our mutual love went beyond mere words. (7 pages) (author's website)
  • "Synthetic" by Tzigane. Pairings: Harry/Draco, Draco/Lucius implied, Harry/Vernon implied. What I do remember is the sight of peaches and cream skin turned ashen white, paler even than the infirmary sheets upon which he lay, so very pallid that even his bruises didn't seem visible. (9 pages)
  • "Sweetest Coma Again" by ElsewhereCW. Pairing: Harry/Draco. "You're precious to me," Harry whispered, placing a hand gently against Draco's heart, palm down, feeling the steady beat against his palm. He closed his eyes, letting it relax him. "These moments…you don't know…" (9 pages) (author's website)
  • "Now and Forever" by Julia Banes. Pairing: OFC/OFC. Jade turned to Hayley, only to see the other girl moving towards her, the intent clear in her eyes, causing Jade to catch her breath. "It's okay, we need to go get ready... they'll be here soon," Jade said. (6 pages)
  • "Pain is Pleasure" by Kebi. Pairing: Harry/Tom Riddle. The memory that sustains nothing but adds to his madness has now materialized into a pale ivory shadow. Lust and love are laced throughout the room. The lips covered in shards of steel caressed the boy in love's again. (2 pages) (author's website)
  • Years Trilogy by unknown author. Pairing Harry/Draco (2 pages)
  • Sadness. Pairing Draco/Snape, Ron/Seamus, Harry/Snape implied (2 pages)

Forever Knight:

  • "A Little Night Music" by Mom Ra. Pairing: LaCroix/Nick, Nick/OMC. "Don't be like that." Nicholas said softly, "If you didn't want me to make love to you, you never would have come here." He continued his exploration of the pretty clothes, and the warm, surprisingly firm body beneath them. He trailed his fingers along Abelard's arm, from his wrist to his shoulder and toyed with the ends of his lace cravat. When Nicholas unfastened a second button on his waistcoat, Abelard insisted that he stop at once.

Babylon 5:

  • "May The Comet Bring You Wisdom" by Starkiller. Pairing: Sheridan/Garibaldi. His lover submitted to him with the sweet wholeheartedness that always made Garibaldi's heart ache. "You make me hurt, John," he whispered into Sheridan's eager mouth. "You make me hurt a LOT." He caressed John's chest through his slate grey shirt, gently undoing buttons and pushing the fabric aside so that he could caress the chest of the man beneath him. (14 pages)
  • "The Martian Affair" by Minnie. Pairing: Marcus/Franklin. Marcus noted somewhat surprised that Stephen was quite buff, though you would never know it just by looking at him. Not that he looked bad…just ordinary. In fact, he looked good. Brown, muscular and trim, Marcus also noted a distinct lack of body hair. That didn't surprise him really. Stephen was fastidiously clean and worried about his appearance. (7 pages) (author's website)
  • "Summertime" by Starkiller and Mistress Darke Shadow. Pairing: Sheridan/Garibaldi. The fragments, the pieces, the ashes and dust slowly reformed to become whole, merging together so slowly, almost like the faint stirrings of hope he felt at the words. Could there be mutuality in this after all? Could it possibly be that what he thought was unrequited was exactly the opposite? Could sunny daydreams really come true? (3 pages)
  • "Unexpected Insight" by Jai. Pairing: Gideon/Galen. Later, in the evening, the technomage, Galen, sat in his flyer inside the docking bay of the Excalibur. A glowing green orb floated before him, colours swirling into an orange-hued red as Galen stared intently at the object. "I see...this should prove interesting," he whispered into the darkness. (3 pages)

Lord of the Rings:

  • "White Silk and Pink Lace" by SkyFire. Pairing: Elrond/Glorfindel. "I am *never* eating a big meal directly before bedtime again!" he swore. If those were the kinds of nightmares doing so brought...! (3 pages)
  • "Lament of the Dead" by Silverthorn. Pairing: Boromir/Aragorn. When he takes me, there is no pain, for which I am grateful, but in this never-never land betwixt the living and the dead, this unreal plane of existence in which we spend this small time together, I do not question such things. I move beneath him as his body moves on top of me, as he kisses me, roughly, urgently. I hold him as tightly as I can, and when there is release, it is exquisite to the point of pain. (4 pages)
  • "In the Spring" by SkyFire. Pairing: Glorfindel/Bill the Pony. He blinked in disbelief, watched in mute shock as Glorfindel's pursuer came into his study by way of the balcony. He shook his head, looked again. The vision was the same. Bill the Pony stood there, haloed in the afternoon light, his shadow cast long upon the floor. (3 pages)

Weiss Kreuz:

  • "Lost Scene from 'Pretty Pretty Boy'" by Tzigane. Pairing: Brad/Nagi. "Stop it!" The sound of his whisper seemed hoarse, blue eyes opening impossibly wide. "Bra-mmmph!" The feel of those lips, soft against his own yet strangely possessive, and the kiss itself so *hard* compared to the touch of his mouth, made Nagi tremble, the feel of Crawford's arms an iron band around the slim length of him. (3 pages)

Other content

  • Pairings of Doom (humor)
  • Website Recommendations
  • Battlefielder websites

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I FINALLY have read some of the Battlefields of Slash Zine. IT SO TOTALLY ROCKS! Besides the gorgeous presentation *bows to Starry-wan* it has some kick-ass stories in it. I've only read some of the shorter ones so far, though. I'm waiting until I have some uninterrupted time to read the longer stories.

"Drive" by Libertine just totally blew me away. Wonderful characterization of Ginny. 1 do not take this lightly, mostly people can't write a Ginny that I love. The psychology in this story is beautiful. This is a story that I'm going to be rereading.

"Cold Hands" by Ivy Blossom was gorgeous. God. the doom between Harry and Draco was profound. Lovely.

(Speaking of Doom, the "Pairings of Doom" were funny. Especiall "Draco/fish." And I love what Starkiller wrote for Hermione/Hagrid - Big brown eyes in the face of a pretty girl can melt even the hardest of hearts.)

"I Would Never Leave You, Ever" by Zed Adams. Creepy!

"White Silk and Pink Lace" by SkyFire was so fucking funny! I just about had an aneurysm trying to stifle my laughter so the other people on the bus wouldn't think I was crazy. Poor Elladan, indeed! Actually, I think this story would fit in well with GoR. Heh.

'The Midas Touch" by Starkiller and Vayshti scares me. Dear god! Wrong, in so many ways, but in presentation it was JUST RIGHT. Eep! Enjoyed it so!

"Summertime" by Starkiller and Mistress Darke Shadow rocked. A wonderful Garibaldi. Beautiful obsession. I do, however, wish it had ended on that bittersweet note, that hole of sorrow Garibaldi was in (the line "None of your business. At all."). I did enjoy the ending (quite a bit, actually, beautiful sweetness there) but I think it would have been more powerful without the happy. Another story that I will be rereading.

"Pain is Pleasure" by Kebi... Eek! Harry/Tom! *runs and hides* [1]

Whee! I got the Battlefields of Slash Fanzine #1. Am in awe by the talent on showcase!

Tzi - Synthetic disturbs me And I meant that in a good way!

Starry - Draco's Inferno blew me away. Did I tell you how I first fell in love with your Boat Trilogy and how I was overwhelmed by your sheer genius? Boat Trilogy will always have a place in my heart. I love it partly because Harry and Draco got some "every chapter" without fail, and for that. I salute you!

ElsewhereCW - your story left me with a bone deep shiver! Can't remember the title, but the words "You are precious to me" keep reverberating in my head for days!

Mom-Ra - first Forever Knight I read. I don't have a clue who they are, but this lady is vastly talented. Lord...

Goodness, I still have like 70% of the zine to Goodness, I still have like 70% of the zine to read and am getting overawed by the sheer talent- Congrats to Starry for the excellent work! ::loffsyou::


Issue 2

cover of issue #2
another cover of issue #2

Battlefields of Slash. 2 was published in February 2004 and contains 98 pages.[3] It is subtitled, "Dark Fantasies: Slash fiction from the dark side of passion..."

Editor's preface:

Welcome to the second issue of the Battlefields fanzine. This issue theme is 'dark fantasies.' Why dark fantasies? Well, it went something along the lines of this: I woke up one morning and thought, "Hmm. wouldn't it be good to have a theme for the second issue of the Battlefields zine." So I put the question to Vayshti and Minnie and though we came up with a lot of theme ideas, none of them really seemed quite right. So I thought on it some more and was struck with inspiration while writing a bdsm scene for a 'Babylon 5' story (which has yet to be finished, ugh.) So I settled on dark fantasies' and immediately went forth and posted to the usual lists and so on asking for tribs Now, 1 left the interpretation of that phrase open to the individual writer. Dark fantasies can mean just about anything, and I thought it would be very interesting to see what people wrote choosing their own interpretation of that theme rather than being given specific parameters of writing by me. The results were beyond anything in my wildest dreams.

There are some truly dark and amazing pieces pieces of writing in this issue of the Battlefields zine. There is the novella length bdsm piece by Wadjet, set in the SG1 fandom, which is given a rating of hard NC17. There is a rape scenario by Minnie set in the Blake's 7 fandom, also given a rating of hard NC17. By Barnes Bresca is a chilling piece of poetry set in the Lord of the Rings fandom. Mistress Xandria gives us a truly remarkable and stunning piece of prose set in the Babylon 5 fandom. Oven Cleaner and myself have contributed a bdsm crossover piece set in the Knight Rider and Harry Potter fandoms.
  • The Edge (Stargate SG-1) by Wadjet (1)
  • Rumil and Orophin by Jai (58)
  • The Dark Within (Blake’s 7) by Minnie (59)
  • The Very Long Night of Harry Potter (Harry Potter) by Starkiller (64)
  • Lost Forever (Lord of the Rings) by Barnes Bresca (74)
  • Haldir by Jai (74)
  • Learning Curve (Knight Rider/Harry Potter) by Ovencleaner and Starkiller (75)
  • Never Alone (Babylon 5) by Mistress Xandria (89)
  • About the Authors (94)
  • Letters of Comment (95)


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