Le Troisième Oeil

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Title: Le Troisieme Oeil ("The Third Eye")
Publisher: Tiayel, Ivrian [1]
Date(s): March 2005[2]-2008?
Medium: print
Fandom: Harry Potter
Language: French
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Le Troisieme Oeil is a slash Harry Potter anthology of fiction and art. It is in French.

From the flyer (translated to english):

"Fanzine's Profile : BEWARE : highly subversive and dubious. Take your precautions and provide yourselves with floorcloths and kleenex upon approach."


The zine has six classical issues, one Recueil Artoung and two special issues, called OS and Spécial conneries (Bullshit Special).

The dates are unknown, most likely 2005 - 2008, since the publication began in 2005, with two classical issues planned per year.


The zine contains french slash HP fanfiction, mostly written originally in french but sometimes translated from english to french. Works of fanart can be found in it as well.


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