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Name: IT Fandom Week
Date(s): August 2018, July 2019, March 2020
Moderator(s): Reddie-Spaghettis, Shaszam, TinyArmedTRex
Type: any
Fandom: IT
Associated Community: ITFandomPrompts, Archived version
URL: 2018, Archived version & AO3 Collection 2018, Archived version, 2019, Archived version & AO3 Collection 2019, Archived version, 2020, Archived version & [ AO3 Collection 2020]
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IT Fandom Week or IT Prompt Week was a fanweek prompt-based, challenge concentrating on the fandom of IT. Any types of fanworks were accepted.

"Each day that week we will give you three prompts to use any way you want to! Write fic, create fanart, headcanons, playlists, gifsets etc. any type of content you can think of!"[1]





The Snow Queen, Archived version by LeighWritesFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-25Length: 10,417Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Cold - When Stan is taken by the Snow Queen, Eddie goes on an adventure to find him. (Steddie)
Solstice, Archived version by StellarBisexualFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-25Length: 1,477Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: University AU
(CW: Substance Use) Holidays - Ever since sophomore year of high school, Richie’s been a fervent celebrator of summer solstice. He doesn’t follow the typical rituals or even care much about the traditional meaning of the holiday; he’s always just taken the date and made it his own. (Reddie)
goodnight n go, Archived version by NotSugarAndSpiceFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-25Length: 2,638Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Bed Sharing, First Kiss, Huddling for Warmth, Love Confession & Songfic
(CW: Substance Use) Cold - One of these days you’ll miss your train // And come stay with me. // We’ll have drinks and talk about things, // Any excuse to stay awake with you. (Reddie)
baby it's cold outside, Archived version by DnbroughsFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-25Length: 1,013Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Fluff
Cold - Stanley Uris hated the snow. (Stenbrough)
let's look back, Archived version by LxffiFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-25Length: 982Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
(CW: Implied Character D-ath) Holidays - Hannukah has finally rolled around for yet another year in Stan Uris' life. Sometimes trying to remember isn't the worst thing to do. (Stanpat)
You give me fever (like I've never known), Archived version by Mseg_21Fandom: ITDate: 2018-08-26Length: 2,648Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Established Relationship & Fluff
Hot & Cold - “You could have just told me you were sick.” Eddie replied. “It’s not like I would have been mad.” (Reddie)
cherry lips, angel eyes, Archived version by RichieToasterFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-27Length: 2,415Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Anal Sex & Instant Attraction
(CW: Light Substance Use) Hot - “Hot,” Richie declares. And it is. The whole scenario is. However, it isn’t just hot.. It’s intimate. For a pair of strangers, they both want it to mean something. (Reddie)
baby you're a firework, Archived version by EddieFuckinKaspbrakFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-25Length: 1,534Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Holidays - “Morning. Happy 4th of July.” Richie hummed, settling his hands on Eddie’s waist. “Why didn’t you wake me up? I could have helped with the preparations.” (Reddie)
untitled, Archived version by TinyArmedTRexFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-25Length: 1,185Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Holidays (Stanlon)
hello, my good old friend, Archived version by LxffiFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-26Length: 1,745Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Canon Compliant
(CW: Mentioned Underage Substance Use) Reunion - Eddie Kaspbrak just flew into Derry, memories on his tail. Excitement to once again see his best friends biting at his toes. Yet, there's an unsettling anxiousness to see one specific man. (Reddie)
Take it back!, Archived version by NotSugarAndSpiceFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-26Length: 2,370Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Crack & Fluff
Break Up - Eddie Kaspbrak has never been more shocked in his life. Richie is breaking up with him. It's over. The world stopped spinning. Why? (Reddie)
Reunited, Archived version by Mseg_21Fandom: ITDate: 2018-08-26Length: 5,576Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
(CW: Character D-ath) Reunion - Every year, on Halloween night without fault, they would come together and they would drink and talk and laugh, like nothing had changed. They never once broke the tradition, even with work and responsibilities, they never did. (Reddie)
Hello Again, Archived version by Reddie_LovesFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-26Length: 2,353Medium: FanfictionStatus: Complete
Break Up - Richie Tozier was never one to focus on the issues in his life. He didn’t tell any of his friends or lovers how much he hurt, because if he could lose himself in others ways he would never have to dwell on his pain. And because of this, everyone around him believed he was happy. (Reddie)
Northern Downpour, Archived version by The_Lazy_EyeFandom: ITDate: 2018-08-26Length: 17,043Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Angst & Unresolved Sexual Tension
Break Up - He turns left at the corner, walks one more block, and then turns right. Sure enough, standing by the doors of the Twenty-Seven Odd Elephants tour bus is Eddie. (Reddie)



The title of the fanweek was slightly altered on the 2019 banner, displaying IT Prompt Week instead.



AO3 Collection



While people are technically allowed to use the prompts for any IT relationship, the mods stated that they would not be reblogging works featuring certain parties within relationships (i.e. Pennywise)[2]




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