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A love confession is often an integral part of moving a story from Pre-Slash into Romance and eventually into an Established Relationship.

If the confession is met negatively, however, this will resort in a confirmed case of Unrequited Love and usually carries a tone of Angst. Sometimes this is a fake-out by the artist, and the other character slowly comes to realize they actually do feel the same way. Which ends up leading to a second love confession, and hopefully a Happy Ending.


♡True love♡, Archived version by Kenmii OwO aka Kenmii_DrowzFandom: ITDate: 07 October 2019Length: 1:15Medium: Fanart - AnimaticStatus: CompleteGenre: First Kiss, Fluff, Friends to Lovers, Love Confession, Pre-Slash
I love both movies so much, also, in some time i'll upload an Speedpaint of #Reddie - Song - True Love by Pink (Reddie)


Sometimes there's an accidental love confession in which the character's crush overhears them, or finds drawings/letters that suggest the other character's feelings for them.