Clint Barton/Pietro Maximoff

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Pairing: Clint Barton/Pietro Maximoff
Alternative name(s): Hawksilver, Silverhawk
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: The Avengers comics (Marvel Comics), The Avengers Movieverse (MCU)
Canonical?: Non-Canon
Prevalence: medium low
Archives: AO3 Feed
Other: See also Clint & Pietro and Clint & Maximoff Twins
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Clint/Pietro is a rare pairing of Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) of the MCU fandom.


Clint/Pietro first appeared in the The Avengers comics fandom, but remained a rarepair in that fandom. It wasn't until after The Avengers: Age of Ultron film was released, and steadily grew more popular in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There, the slash pairing is a lot more popular than the Clint & Pietro gen relationship. The pairing is mainly located on Tumblr and Archive of Our Own, as well as some fanvideos located on YouTube and a few fanfics at FanFiction.Net.

As of September 7, 2015 there are nearly 400 works on AO3[1].

"the Hawkeye/Pietro ship’s tagline “Didn’t see that coming” is really fitting because i really didn’t see it and it hit me in the face like a trainwreck[2]"

Common Tropes and Fanon

  • "You didn't see that coming?" phrase from AOU stated by Pietro to Clint first, Clint to Pietro, and back to Pietro to Clint when Pietro sacrifices himself to save Clint and a little boy.
  • AUs such as fix-it fics where Pietro Lives.
  • Daddykink seems to be the most popular kink for the pairing in Western fandom (not so much in various Asian fandoms where Clint tends to bottom).



  • It Happens in a Blink-No one sits in Pietro's chair unless they want to face the speedster's wrath. So how is it that Pietro finds himself in Clint's bed, after the archer sits in his chair? Minor Warning in Notes. The story also features Steve/Bucky. Rated Explicit
  • Today's Story-Truth doesn't matter as much to the media as what they can sell as truth to the masses. Rated Teen
  • Deals- Being the official 'unofficial' spies of a king is the kind of job one expects to come with a lot of danger and stress. Clint's not sure that stress should be coming from Tony's tendency to do things like open his castle up for a ball where anyone with a grievance can hide their faces behind a mask. He's already not in the mood for mysteries when a stranger who knows too much proposes a deal. Rated Teen
  • Lucky and Charmed-The first time Pietro met Clint, he almost called the cops. Not, as Clint would later claim, because it was criminal to look that good, but because it was 3am and Clint had been bruised and battered and covered in blood, a quiver on his back and a bow in his hands as he ransacked the shelves of the convenience store for Lucky Charms. An AU where Pietro and Wanda never got powers and Clint really likes Lucky Charms Rated Teen
  • A Liquor Never Brewed-Clint wakes up with a horrible hangover, and realizes a second later that he's married to Pietro Maximoff. Rated Teen
  • Slow Burning Heat-Contrary to popular belief, running is not Pietro's favourite past time. Sure, he likes it well enough, and it certainly comes in handy now that he's an official Avenger and all that, but sometimes Pietro just wants to stop. The Avengers, amazing as they are, are all restless, itching for a fight, all fast-paced and chaotic within themselves. Clint is the only one who understands Pietro's need for calm. Rated Teen
  • Enough,He Decides- Pietro is jealous. Clint really wants to get away. Tony is worried for his carpet. Natasha thinks it's kind of funny. Rated Teen



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