X-OVER: The Ultimate X-Files Crossover Archive

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Name: X-OVER: The Ultimate X-Files Crossover Archive
Date(s): 1998-1999 (Wayback dates)
Archivist: Sapphire
Founder: Sapphire
Type: Fanfiction Index
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: http://www.busprod.com/aclaybor/xover/ (Wayback)
X-OVER- The Ultimate X-Files Crossover Archive.jpg
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X-OVER: The Ultimate X-Files Crossover Archive is an index site for X-Files crossovers. The story links go to the Gossamer archive.

The page was a member of The X-Files Fanfic Webring.

Listed Crossover Fandoms

21 Jump Street, 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Alien, Animaniacs, Anne Rice, Assorted-too many different stories to list, The Avengers, Barney, Beauty and the Beast, Bewitched, Blade Runner, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, James Bond, The Brady Bunch, The Adventures of Brisco County, James Cameron - director, Dr. Seuss, Chicago Hope, Christmas Carol, Contact, The Crow, Diskworld, Due South, Agatha Christie, Early Edition, Computer Games, Patricia Cornwell, Current Affair, Dallas, Dark Skies, Days of Our Lives, Dirty Harry, Dragon Lance, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Duel, Encino Man, Equalizer, er, ET, Fairy Land, Fairy Tales - various, Fantasy Island, Field of Dreams, Forever Knight, Frasier, Friends, The Fugitive, Full Frontal, Gargoyles, Gilligan's Island, Grease, The Greatest American Hero, Halloween, The Hand Maiden's Tale, Heinlein, Hellraiser, Hercules, Highlander (3 pages!), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Homicide, The Hulk, Hunter, Independence Day (ID4), The Invaders, Jeopardy!, Japanese Animation, Kalifornia, Kids in the Hall, Kolchak: Nightstalker, Law & Order, LAPD - Life on the Beat, Leprechaun, Lois and Clark, Lost Highway, The Lottery, Love Line, Mad About You, Medicine Man, Melrose Place, Men Behaving Badly, Men in Black, Midnight Oil, Millennium, Mission Impossible, Monty Python, Mortal Combat, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Murder One, The Naked Truth, The Nanny, Nightmare on Elm Street, La Femme Nikita, Northern Exposure, NYPD Blue, Ocean Girl, Peter S. Beagle, Playing God, Power Rangers, Princess Bride, Predator, The Pretender, The Prisoner, Profiler, Pulp Fiction, Quantum Leap, Ranma, The Real Ghostbusters, Ricki Lake, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Red Shoe Diaries, Rumpole of the Bailey, Sand Man, Scooby-Doo, Scream, Seinfeld, The Sentinel, Sesame Street, Sharpe, Sherlock Holmes, The Silence of the Lambs, Sins of the Father, Sliders, South Park, Spice Girls, Saturday Night Live, Star Man, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stephen King, Strange Luck, Suddenly Susan, Superman, Titanic, Touched by an Angel, Tom Clancy, The Mask, The Third Man, Tomorrow People, Twin Peaks, VR 5, Walker, Texas Ranger, Wallace and Gromit, Welcome Back Kotter, Winnie the Pooh, Xena: Warrior Princess, X-Men.