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Star Trek Convention
Name: Star Con
Dates: 1977-1993
Location: varies
Focus: Star Trek
Organization: Denver Star Conventions, Ltd.
Founding Date: 1972?
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Star Con ("Star Trek and Media-Oriented Science Fiction Convention") was a series of Star Trek conventions.

Star Con Newsletter

the June 1985 newsletter

This con had a newsletter called "Star Con Newsletter." It is unknown what the dates of its print run was.

Star Con 1977

Star Con Denver 1977 was held on May 7-8, 1977.

Star Con 1978

Star Con Denver 1978 was held in Denver at the Regency Inn May 27-28, 1978.

the front cover of the 1978 program book, this example has Jonathan Harris' autograph

The con chairs were Jim Donnelly, KathE Donnelly, Flo Dubowitz, Phil Dubowitz, and Karolyn Popovich.

The skit was, Stark Wars, a parody of Star Wars and was included in the zine The Plays of Star Con Denver.

The program book contains 20 pages. It contains scheduling, short bios, film descriptions, and a Star Trek illo, and a Star Wars illo.

The guests of honor:

  • Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space)
  • George Takei (Star Trek)
  • Bruce Hyde (Star Trek)
  • Michael Goodwin
  • Jean Lorrah
  • Kevin Atkins (Master of Ceremony)
  • Carrie Brennan & Judith Brownlee (Society for Creative Anachronism)
  • John Davis (special effects guy)

Star Con 1979

It was held September 1-2, 1979 at the Stouffers Inn.

It was chaired by Jim Donnelly, KathE Donnelly, and Karolyn Popovich.

The program book was 24 pages long.

front cover of the program book for 1979

The skit was Battlestar Galaxative , and it was later printed in a standalone zine and in "The Plays of Star Con Denver".

flyer for 1979, printed in A Piece of the Action #76, click to read

There was much Radio Program (old science fiction and horror) programming.

Two clubs showcased:

  • The Denver Dracula Society
  • L-5 Society


  • James Doohan (Star Trek)
  • David Prowse (Star Wars)
  • John Colicos (Battlestar Galactica)
  • Kevin Atkins (Master of Ceremonies)
  • Stephen Goldin
  • Kathleen Sky
  • Michael C. Goodwin
  • John Davis
  • Michael Thornton
  • Craig Anderson

Star Con 1980

Star Con Denver 1980 was held in Denver at Stouffer's Inn on August 30 and 31. Confirmed guests were Bjo Trimble and Walter Koenig. One play was a parody of of ST-TMP ("Star Trek: Where Nomad Has Gone Before") that was included in The Plays of Star Con Denver.

Con Report: 1980

This is the fourth Star Con I have attended and to my delight I find each year they keep getting better and better! This years guest list included Walter Koenig, Mark Lenard and Kerry O'Quinn. The convention was held at the Denver Stouffer's Inn which probably has the best convention facilities I have ever seen. Everything is all in one area so there aren't any elevators to mess around with. Saturday program book. The wait in the registration was short (gratefully) as the con organizers seem to have made sure that there were enough people at registration to take care of everyone quickly. The program book and schedule outlined the many events offered and I could see that it was going to be a difficult choice deciding what to see first. I found the 'special effects presentation' done by Kevin Atkins and John Davis a fascinating trip into the world of illusion. Not only did they tell us how holograms are achieved, but how the various effects done on the screen are accomplished. Mark Lenard was a fascinating speaker and told the audience some interesting 'behind the scenes' stories about his experiences on the Klingon ST:TMP set. Never having seen or heard Walter Koenig speak before I was very impressed with how easy he talked with the audience. He had some terrific stories to tell about the filming of the movie and I found the same sense of humor that I had enjoyed in his book "Chekov's Enterprise" present in the incidences he was telling us. Mr. Koenig definately made me a fan of his! Kerry O'Quinn was a genuine surprise to me. I'm not really sure what I expected — some stuffy old man maybe, but Mr. O'Quinn certainly wasn't that! He brought with him a slide show presentation plus some special effects shorts. One that sticks out in my mind as being really good was titled "The Wizard of Speed and Time". Mr. O'Quinn made himself readily available for questions and was a very easy going person to talk with. Saturday evening there was a costume contest that featured everything from a small version of Yoda to a Robot named Greebley that actually shot fire from his top. But probably one of the events I enjoy most about the Star Con conventions is the annual play done by the people putting the convention on. This year the group did an original play parody of the Star Trek movie called "Star Trek: Where Nomad Has Gone Before". We got to see the Starship Enterprise battleing with V'Gin! V'Gin turns out to be a vehicle sent out by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to find planets untouched by smog and such and bring back clean air to Denver. (VGin stands for Virgin, by the way) These people call themselves amateur actors but the amount of polish and quality that goes into their productions (this is their third play parody) shows that they have a professional additude towards their plays. The convention had many other events offered like a Trivia contest, old time SF radio room, filk sing, and more. The convention ended Sunday evening with a fantastic Laser Light Show that was put together especially for the convention by a group called Unique Light and Sound. It was the perfect ending to a very packed two day convention! I understand that there were 1200 people attending this years convention and I can well believe it. I am really looking forward to next years con!! [1]

Star Con 1981

flyer for 1981

Star Con 1982

front page of the 1982 flyer
back page of the 1982 flyer
another 1982 flyer

Star Con 1982 was held Sept 18-19, 1982 at the Stouffer's Denver Inn.

One flyer lists these plays:

DOCTOR WHO AND THE CURSE OF HOLLYWOOD (Doctor Who and the crew of the Enterprise face their greatest challange yet...the evil Doctor Hans Reinhart and his diabolical plan to destroy Science Fiction!)

RAIDERS OF THE SAUCED ARK (See Indiana Jones..See Marian..See the rotten Nazis and the silly French Archaeologist all wine over the Ark.)


RAIDERS OF THE LOST GUMBY - - (Must I say more!!)
Another flyer lists these plays:

DOCTOR WHO AND THE CURSE OF HOLLYWOOD (Doctor Who and the crew of the Enterprise face their greatest challange yet...the evil Doctor Hans Reinhart and his diabolical plan to destroy Science Fiction!)

STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF STAR KAHN: See Admiral Kirk -- See Captain Spock -- See Kahn (boss - de Starship, de starship!!) -- Can the Enterprise and her crew save the universe from THE WRATH OF STAR KAHN.

THE CLOUDED MINDS -- a Star Trek episode muddled with humor.

RAIDERS OF THE LOST GUMBY - - (Must I say more!!)

Guests of Honor were:

  • Nichelle Nichols
  • John Nathan Turner (producer and director of Doctor Who)
  • Michael C. Goodwin (science fiction artists and cartoonist)
  • Lynne Anne Goodwin (fantasy artist)
  • Reuben and Sherry Fox (sound effects and art show directors)
  • Kevin Atkins was the Master of Ceremonies

Star Con 1983

front page of the Spring 1983 Star Con newsletter discussing the upcoming convention

Star Con 1983 was held on Sept 3-4, 1983 at the Stouffer's Denver inn.

Star Con 1984

Star Con 1985

Star Con 1986

Star Con Denver 1986 was held in Denver.

cover of the 1986 con program

Guests were Mark Lenard, Walter Koenig, Terry "The Silver Fox" Erdmann, David McDonnell (Starlog), Eddie Egan, Fidel Run (NASA).

This con had a "Computer BBS Forum. A round table discussion hosted by Jay Melnick, sysop of the Colo Snow Bank BBS. Topics will include current trends in information transferal, ethics and the legal ramifications of running your own Computer bulletin board." There was also a surprise birthday party for Walter Koenig, a trivia contest, and a costume contest.

Koenig's zine, It Ain't the Lollipop!, was sold at this con.

The program book (16 pages) had many humorous articles, three poems and two short stories (winners of a contest).

From KathE Donnelly:

I remember when we did the very first STAR
CON, we had no way of knowing that 10 years 
later we would still be doing this. When we 
received the first phone call after our first 
convention, Joyce Thompson answered the 
phone "STAR CON 1982, can I help you?" We 
all had a good laugh, since 1982 seemed so 
far away. Well, she's still answering the
 phones, but she doesn't speculate anymore on
 when our next convention will be.

It hasn't
 always been easy - I'll never forget the time 
that I had to tell several hundred people that 
Mr. Kelley would no longer be able to sign
 autographs. Yes, I'd say they were a little 
upset. Or how about the time we had the worst snowstorm of the year the day before 
our convention - our guest couldn't get into
Denver because the airport was closed and 
convention attendees couldn't get to the con
vention either. That convention was MicroCon
 (which is was) and it taught us to never plan 
convention for the month of January again. 
Does anyone out there remember when we did 
GUMBY RAIDERS? 'Nuff said!

But for every awkward or bad time we've had, we have managed to have three times as many good ones. With all the wonderful memories we have of 
past STAR CONS why then are there only six
 original STAFF MEMBERS left to share them
 with? Call them die-hards, call them responsible, but I call them whenever it's time for another convention. Thank you. Joyce, Phil, Kevin, Angel, Dan and Debi. Also 
a special thanks to Michael and Stephen who
 were four years old when we first started and
 have grown up answering the phone "STAR CON
 DENVER, MAY I HELP YOU?" They've had to learn, sometimes the hard way, that S.I.A.W.O.L. (STARCON IS A WAY OF LIFE) .

Someone who deserves special recognition is
 my sister, Karolyn. She is one of the found
ing board members of STAR CON and she is 
still involved (in her own way) with the con
vention. Of course, without all of you the
 conventions wouldn't even be possible. 
Thanks for sharing all the fun with us. How 
does STAR CON 1999 sound to you?

Star Con 1987

Star Con Denver 1987 was held in Denver in March.

Star Con 1989

September 29-October1.

Richard Chavez (Ironhorse from War of the Worlds) was a planned guest.

Star Con 1991

Star Con Denver 1991 was held September 27, 28, 29.

cover of 1991 convention program

Star Con 1993

Star Con 1993 was held September 24, 25, 26.



  1. from A Piece of the Action #86