Quest for Fire

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Title: Quest for Fire
Author(s): Riley Cannon & Cami O'Tool
Date(s): January 1995
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: Online at AO3

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Quest for Fire is an Avon/Tarrant, implied Blake/Avon Blake's 7 story by Riley Cannon & Cami O'Tool. It is a sequel to Some Guys Have All the Luck in Fire and Ice #2 and "Small Consolations" in Banzine #2.

It was published in Rebel Desires.

Reactions and Reviews

Everything about this screams that it's a sequel to another fic, and indeed it is - sadly, I've already sold my copy of F&I 2 so I can't go back and read the original B/A fic, but my previous self tells me it was something of a non-event. This fic, on the other hand, is actually pretty good. Continues the fine A/T tradition of being a lot about Blake, but also showing some good stuff about how A and T do work well together - I hate Blake's Murderous Rebels, but like the way Tarrant deals with them. Nice dialogue. The diary (and what Blake has to say in the diary) is too much for me, however. And I could have used more sadness from Tarrant about the death of almost everyone else he knows.[1]

Sequel to a PGP gen story, "Small Consolations" in BANZINE 2. Avon and Tarrant, the only survivors, are escaping through the snowy GP wilderness. They hole up in an abandoned cabin, where Avon discovers Blake's diary. He must deal with both his memories of Blake and the present reality of Tarrant. There's a beautiful illo for the story on the back cover of the zine.[2]

The zine kicks off with "Quest for Fire", an excellent PGP story by Riley Cannon and Cami O'Tool, in which Avon and Tarrrant are stranded in a country cabin on their way off-planet. When Avon discovers Blake's journal on the bookshelves, he is forced to reconsider his guilt about Blake's murder - and his relationship with Tarrant. The dialogue is spot on, the sexual tension is almost palpable and the suspense is heightened by some genuine character-based misunderstandings. I'm not an Avon/Tarrant fan but by the end of the story I was hoping like mad for them to get together.[3]

Poorly produced zines are annoying to me, too. In this age of desktop publishing, there's really no excuse for not making the zine look as nice as possible. My latest disappointment in that respect was Rebel Desires. I was very, very unhappy with the typefaces and layout chosen, especially for "Quest for Fire." I love that story, but the decision to make the italicized flashbacks and quotations extra-large and indent them made those passages, which were so important to the emotional tone of the story, almost unreadable. Very irritating indeed.[4]


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