Carrie Brennan

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Name: Carrie Brennan
Alias(es): Carrie Peak
Type: fan writer, zine publisher
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS & Sime~Gen
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Carrie Brennan, previously Carrie Peak, is a Star Trek: TOS fan best known as the editor and publisher of Grup, the first "adult" Star Trek fanzine, from 1972 through 1978.

Carrie also wrote Star Trek and Sime~Gen fanfiction and fanpoetry that appeared in Grup and in other zines, including Eridani Triad #3 (1972), Interphase #1 (1975), Ambrov Zeor! (1977), and Zeor Forum #2 (1980).

She was also a congoer, and was awarded the "Best Couple/Most Beautiful" costume award at the 1970 Worldcon.

Her comments were included in an article comparing Star Trek to Star Wars in All About Star Trek Fan Clubs #6 (1977).