List of Star Trek: Voyager Fanzines

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This is list of VOY zines on Fanlore maybe out of date. For a more accurate account, see Category:Star Trek VOY Zines.


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
The All Trek Special Gen Collection Gen, Anthology, Various Trek Series Neon Rainbow Press 2005
Among the Stars Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
And Not Fade Away Gen Orion Press 1997
Another Day in Delta Gen Unicorn Press
The Array #1-2 Gen, Anthology Orion Press 2000
Assimilation - BEKi Gen, Novella, Chakotay Orion Press 1997
At the Edge of the Universe Het, Janeway/Chakotay  ?  ?
Beyond Alpha Gen Unicorn Press
Blue Delta Het Unicorn Press  ?
The Cardassian Mask Het, Janeway/Chakotay 1996?
Charlie's Tails Gen Unicorn Press
Code of Honor - BEKi Gen, Novella, Chakotay Orion Press 1997
Coyote Gen Unicorn Press
Delta Desires Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Delta Nights Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Delta Quadrant #1-11 Het, Janeway/Chakotay Orion Press 1995 - 1999
Delta Quadrant of Venus Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Defining Parameters Gen, Anthology Lorraine Beatty and Joy Baker 2000
Downfall of Her Heart Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press 2000
An End to the Nightmare Gen, Novel, Tom Paris Unicorn Press
Enemy of My Enemy Gen Unicorn Press
Exordium Het Unicorn Press
Flight of Illusion - Ghostwriter Het, Novella, Janeway/Chakotay Orion Press 2000
Forever (Star Trek: Voyager zine) Het, Paris/OFC, Torres/Kim Unicorn Press
From the Delta Quadrant with Love Seska Rich Green
Future Steps Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press 1997
Gallery of Souls Het Unicorn Press
Generation Gap Gen, Anthology, Various Trek Series Page's Press 1988 - 1997
Gloryfire Gen Unicorn Press
The Heart and Soul of Voyager Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Holodeck One Gen, Various Trek Series  ? 1994
Home Sweet Home Gen Orion Press 1999
Inside a Broken Dream Gen, Multifandom  ? 1998
Irremissions Het, Paris/Torres Unicorn Press
Long Distance Voyagers #1-3 Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Maquis Gen, Voyager and DS9 Orion Press 1998
Meltdown #1-5 Het, Paris/Torres Unicorn Press
Neutral Zine Gen, Het and Slash, Anthology, Various Trek Series Lady Kardasi Productions 2000
Once Upon a Quadrant Het, Various Unicorn Press
One More Round Het Unicorn Press
Passages Gen, Anthology Sue Love 1997
Passions of Command Het, Anthology, Various Pairings Orion Press 1999
Phoenix Rising Het Unicorn Press
Proper Order Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Q-ED Again Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Quid Pro Quo Het and Slash, Tuvok/Seven, Tuvork/OMC Unicorn Press
RanDoM Flight Gen, Tom Paris
A RanDoM Zine #1-#3 Gen , Tom Paris
Revisionist History Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Revisions (Star Trek: Voyager zine) Gen, Anthology Unicorn Press
Same Time, Next Year Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
A Second Season Gen, Anthology 1996
Second Star to the Right Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway Erotic Het, Novel, Parody, Various Pairings
Secrets, Deceptions and Lies Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
A Separate Peace Het, Janeway/Chakotay Orion Press 1999
Seska Activity Book Gen, Seska
Shooting Stars Gen, Anthology Unicorn Press 2002
Sizzle Among the Stars Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Smoke and Mirrors Gen Unicorn Press
Snare Gen Unicorn Press
Somewhere in Delta Gen Unicorn Press
Star Crossed Voyagers Het, Janeway/Chakotay  ? 1995
Still Looking for Alpha Gen Unicorn Press
The Temple Jewel Het and Slash, Various Pairings, Voyager and DS9
Those Who Are Left Behind Het, Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Torres, Kim/Seven Unicorn Press
Transitions Het Unicorn Press
The Trials Series Het, Paris/Torres Unicorn Press
Twisting the Timeline Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Under Different Circumstances Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
Unto Us a Son Is Given Het, Chakotay Unicorn Press
Visions Gen, Novel Unicorn Press
Visions Het and Gen, Anthology, Various Orion Press 1999
Voyager Homeward Journal Gen, Anthology 1998
Walking a Thin Line Het Unicorn Press
Warmth Het, Paris/Torres, Kim/Kes Unicorn Press
Wayfarers #1-4 Gen Anthology Orion Press 1999 - 2000
We'll Always Have Paris Gen, Tom Paris Unicorn Press
Wings of Love Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press
You Can't Go Home Again Het, Janeway/Chakotay Unicorn Press


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Aleph Null Anthology
Beyond the Final Frontier Slash, Het and Femslash, Various Pairings Unicorn Press 1996
Diverse Pleasures Slash and Femslash, Chakotay/Paris, Janeway/Torres Unicorn Press
Fraternization Among the Stars Het, Slash and Femslash, Anthology, Various Pairings Unicorn Press
Infinite Diversities Femslash, Janeway/Seven, Janeway/Torres Unicorn Press
The Left Hand of Madness Chakotay/Paris Unicorn Press
Ménage a Torres Het, Slash and Femslash, B'Elanna Torres Unicorn Press
Quid Pro Quo Slash and Het, Tuvok/Seven, Tuvork/OMC Unicorn Press
The Taming of Tom Paris Chakotay/Paris Trick or Treat Press
A Thousand and Three Hundred Days Chakotay/Paris Devious Developments Press
The Tom, Dick and Harry Series Paris/Kim Evil Twin Press
Whatever Gets You Through the Night Multifandom, Anthology  ? 1997
Would You Believe? Tuvok/Kim Unicorn Press
You Don't Bring Me Friskys Multifandom, Anthology Almost Foolproof Press 1996