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Pairing: Jane Foster/Thor Odinson
Alternative name(s): Fosterson, Thane[1]
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Marvel Comics, Thor (comics),
Thor Movieverse, The Avengers Movieverse (Marvel Cinematic Universe),
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Canonical?: Canon
Prevalence: popular het pairing, common background pairing
Archives: Jane/Thor works on AO3
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Jane/Thor is the pairing for the characters Jane Foster and Thor Odinson of the Marvel Comics Universe.


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Although the pairing is considered canon in the Thor comics, as Jane Foster was a girlfriend of Thor (and of his counterpart Donald Blake), there is not much fanon following of the comicverse Jane/Thor pairing as there is for the movieverse. Jane/Thor is implied throughout the film, and is later reconfirmed as Thor and Jane kiss in goodbye before Thor leaves back on Asgard.

While Jane/Thor is not as large as some of the slash pairings in the MCU such as Loki/Thor or Steve/Tony, it is quite popular as a het pairing and is often used as secondary pairing (aka side/background pairing) behind Darcy/Clint, Darcy/Steve, and other Avengers-related pairings.

Common themes of Jane/Thor fics are of Jane trying to get Thor back to Earth after the events of the first movie. Other stories have them living together in the Avengers tower/mansion and having sex (usually at the envy and encouragement of the others). With the release of The Avengers film in 2012, an increase of stories dealt with Jane emotionally dealing with learning about the attack of New York and Thor's return (and eventual departure), without any contact from him. Although in the film it we (the viewers) learn that Thor is concerned about her safety and gets SHIELD to transfer her (and Darcy) to someplace safe (which we later learn is Norway).

Stories that feature Jane/Thor as a "secondary" pairing usually have Jane and/or Thor as a matchmaker for one of the Avengers characters; its common in Darcy Lewis fics that Jane and/or Thor "help" her and the guy she likes to finally get together.






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