Erik "Killmonger" Stevens

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Name: Erik Stevens
Erik Killmonger (Marvel comics)
Occupation: Claimant to the Wakandan throne, former US Navy SEAL
Title/Rank: Killmonger
Status: Presumed dead
Relationships: T'Challa (nemesis, MCU cousin);

Shuri (MCU cousin);
N'Jobu (MCU father);

T'Chaka (MCU uncle)
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther (2018), Marvel Comics
Other: Wikipedia
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Erik Stevens, born N'Jadaka, also known as Killmonger, is an enemy of T'Challa in multiple Black Panther storylines. He is the main antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Black Panther.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Erik's father N'Jobu was the brother of T'Chaka, King of Wakanda, as well as being a War Dog, part of Wakanda's intelligence services. Unbeknownst to T'Chaka, N'Jobu fell in love with an American woman while on assignment in Oakland, California. N'Jobu raised their son Erik with stories of their home in Wakanda, hoping to take Erik there someday, and gave Erik a War Dog tattoo to identify him as Wakandan.

N'Jobu orchestrated the theft of a quantity of vibranium from Wakanda, hoping to use it to help oppressed people around the world. T'Chaka confronted N'Jobu over his betrayal and was ultimately forced to kill him, abandoning Erik to fend for himself in the USA.

Erik graduated from the United States Naval Academy aged 19, attended graduate school at MIT, and then joined the US Navy SEALs. He served in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Africa, and accumulated so many kills that he earned the nickname Killmonger. For every life he took he also added a ritual scar to his body, eventually covering his arms and torso.

During Black Panther (2018), Erik (portrayed by Michael B. Jordan) made his way to Wakanda to overthrow T'Challa, take control of Wakanda, and use Wakandan resources to arm Black people around the world to overthrow their oppressors. T'Challa survived Erik's leadership challenge, and with the help of his friends and allies was able to disrupt Erik's plans.

Erik was mortally wounded in combat with T'Challa, and although T'Challa offered to try to heal him, Erik opted to die rather than face captivity.


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The most common pairing for this character is Erik "Killmonger" Stevens/T'Challa, although a significant number of fanworks also exist for Erik/Reader, and for Erik/Shuri.

Common Tropes & Themes

  • Erik Killmonger Lives
    • Erik Killmonger's life is saved, usually by Shuri or T'Challa and he must face the consequences of his actions in the film.
  • Alternative Universe fics are often canon divergent works set pre-canon. Many involve T'Chaka, Uncle James or another character bringing Erik to Wakanda. Alternatively, Erik may meet someone from Wakanda when they are undercover in America.

Meta and Impact

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After the release of the Black Panther movie, there were a significant amount of people who said that "Killmonger was right." This statement has been compared to Magneto Was Right.


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  • Home Training by theformerone, T'Chaka takes Erik back to Wakanda. Erik is a problem child.
  • isizathu by black_nata, "What do you want?" T'Challa whispers. Almost like he's pleading. All Erik wants to do is wrap his fist around that smooth throat and make him beg some more.
  • The Definition of Insanity by MildSpinning, Erik dies over and over, but he's going to find a way to stop this. He's going to take the throne and kill anyone who gets in his way. Now if only they would stay dead. Groundhog Day AU One Shot: where Erik wakes up flying back into Wakanda after his final fight with T'Challa.
  • (soul) on ice by coffeeandoranges, In which Killmonger lives, because the justified rage of the oppressed deserves a seat at the table.
  • A Love Like War by Arbor Mist (Peachy), T'Challa rescues Erik after their final battle. But when Erik wakes up, he doesn't have any memories of his past.



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