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Name: Shuri
Occupation: Scientist, Engineer, Princess
Relationships: T'Challa (brother)
Erik "Killmonger" Stevens (MCU cousin)
Fandom: Marvel Comics, Black Panther (2018)
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Shuri is the younger sister of T'Challa from the Marvel franchise. She features in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Black Panther. She also features in the primary Black Panther comics run and in the Avengers Academy video game.



Marvel Cinematic Universe

The foremost scientist in her nation of Wakanda at sixteen years old, she is also a princess (as her older brother is King). Vastly intelligent, she is also excitable and somewhat disregarding of some of her nation's traditions.


Commmon Tropes & Storylines

  • Queen Shuri works can include AU fics where Shuri is the sole heir to the throne, or fics set after Thanos's snap. Some of these works age up Shuri, to make her role more believable or, to allow for shipping with canonically older characters.
  • Alternative Universes often place Shuri in High School AUs or College AUs. There are also canon divergent AUs where Shuri ends up attending the same school as Peter Parker, and other teenage MCU characters.


Shuri was rarely shipped following her appearance in Black Panther, and this is mainly due to the character's canonical age and a lack of similarly aged characters in the source material. Some fans who enjoy shipping Shuri, including with older characters, use the name Shuri's Harem for their fanworks or community.[1] Some have responded to the Shuri's harem community with disgust.[2]

Some fans shipped Shuri/Bucky Barnes based on the post-credits scene they share together. This was a source of controversy, considering the age gap between Shuri and Bucky. Some proponents responded that they wrote future fic with an older version of Shuri. The discussion around shipping Shuri with older characters has shifted over time; in the first Black Panther film, Shuri was canonically 16 and played by an actress in her mid 20s. Since Black Panther, years have passed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon. Shuri's Harem could be considered a direct response to the controversies around Bucky/Shuri.[3] Other het ships for Shuri include Everett Ross/Shuri and Tony Stark/Shuri (Ironprincess).

The gen pairing of Peter Parker & Shuri is very common. They appeared in extended MCU works before they both Avengers: Infinity War was released. The pairing was encouraged by comments by actor Tom Holland, and is often tagged Science Bros 2.0. The pairing Peter Parker/Shuri is much less common but does appear.

Femslashers often pair her with the MCU version of MJ due to the similar ages, although other pairings do exist.

Example Fanworks

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Meta Essays & Character Analysis

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